A stone wall in the living room

You are probably familiar with this: You are moving into an apartment from the 1980s and you are dealing with the typical brownish tiles and bathroom fixtures. The 1990s were better at least in that white and gray colors predominated, which are reasonably neutral. But also today has its very special trends. Numerous do-it-yourselfers are considering building their own stone wall in the living room.

The stone wall in the living room is not really new

Even in earlier decades it was fashionable to veneer interior walls and then explicitly the living room with special stones: clinker brick. But instead of complete clinker bricks, brick slips are used. The wall then looks like a clinker brick wall, but in reality it is just a facing. However, clinker bricks in the living room are no longer really popular for everyone.

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Unlimited possibilities for indoor stone walls

However, stone walls in the living room are quite trendy. The possibilities are diverse and leave a lot of freedom for your own creativity:

  • a stone wall around a wood stove or open fireplace
  • a stone wall on a wall to set accents
  • the TV wall as a stone wall in the living room

In particular, it is the television wall that is currently modern. Several developments come together:

  • Flat screen televisions can be attached to the wall quickly and easily
  • LED technology offers completely new possibilities for indirect lighting
  • the specialist trade and hardware stores offer a wide variety of stone wall facings
  • a wide variety of modern lacquers and colors are available

The TV stone wall in the living room

The TV stone wall is extremely popular. What is special about it, however, is that, due to the wide range of options, absolute customization is guaranteed. So you do not buy a product "off the shelf ".

You can make the stone wall completely yourself

But it gets even better. Many do-it-yourselfers shy away from a stone wall in the living room because they are concerned about the possible high costs, since a natural stone wall has its price. But here, too, good alternatives are offered today. You can purchase special molds with which you can process almost any building material:

  • Casting molds for cement and concrete slabs
  • Casting molds for plaster of paris
  • Molds for stucco moldings, borders and the like

LED lighting for the stone wall

In particular, if you want to design your stone wall in the living room as a TV wall, you still have to go into its special features. If you want to illuminate the stone wall behind the screen indirectly, you can use LED technology. Simply attaching an LED light hose to the back of your television creates breathtaking lighting effects.

Plexiglas for the living room stone wall

Acrylic glass can also be integrated into your stone TV wall. Here we show you how you can illuminate Plexiglas. You also need a wall bracket for your TV set. This is simply attached to the wall before the stone wall is built. We will show you how you can make a stone wall yourself in the instructions if you follow the link. There we also go into detail on the pouring of plaster of paris cladding elements.

Please only use plaster indoors and not in wet rooms

However, keep in mind that you can only use plaster of paris in dry interior areas. Otherwise, you can protect it against moisture by sealing or impregnating it. The stone facings for your stone wall in the living room are attached with ordinary flexible adhesive. You can then paint the plaster veneer on the wall using various techniques.

Tips & Tricks Of course, you can also buy finished products for your stone wall in the living room. However, you need to be aware that these building materials are a little more expensive than doing your own stone wall entirely.