Paint a staircase with chalk paint and how it works

Stairs are generally very busy, which is why a new coat of paint only makes sense if it is done with the right preparation. You can also use chalk paint on the stairs if you keep a few things in mind.

It all comes down to the right approach

First of all, you should remove old floor coverings that may have been installed on the stairs. Also remember to thoroughly remove any glue residue. You may have to first heat the surface with a heat gun and slowly peel off the adhesive. Then touch up any unevenness or slight damage with a repair spatula. It is much easier for you if you already have a painted staircase that has not been damaged. When you have thoroughly cleaned and touched up everything, you can start painting.

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Painting with chalk paint and how it is done

Surely you want to get a unique staircase. For this it is important that you paint the paint with chalk correctly so that the result looks beautiful for a long time. Also note the following when painting:

  • Pay attention to a careful choice of colors, preferably depending on the respective lighting conditions.
  • try the chalk paint on an inconspicuous spot first
  • if so-called bleeding occurs, the stairs are painted
  • use a suitable wood primer if necessary
  • apply the paint
  • then apply a sealant

Paint other materials with chalk paint

It is also possible to paint other stairs, such as those with stone steps or tiled stairs, with chalk paint. There are special paints for this purpose that are available from specialist shops. Also, when choosing the color, make sure it is of good quality for a good result.

More tips and hints for repainting the stairs

If you want to paint the stairs with chalk paint, also pay attention to the railing or the ledges between the individual steps, which you should paint with a new color on the occasion so that everything fits together. When doing this, too, make sure that you do a thorough preparatory work in the form of cleaning, any repairs in the event of damage and the application of a suitable primer in order to be able to create an optimal basis for the new coat of paint.