A drywall made of wood or metal

Drywall is a technical standard in interior construction today. In the trade, the stud frame has long been used only from metal profiles. Wood is rarely used. However, since do-it-yourselfers are often very familiar with wood and have the necessary tools, the question quickly arises of whether the stud frame should be made of wood or metal. Here are the answers.

Neither wood nor metal is necessarily a better choice

We want to reveal the answer in advance: there is no real and general reason to prefer either wood or metal as the stud frame. Historically, wood is the classic building material for the stud frame.

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Wood and its special properties

It was just being replaced more and more by metal profiles that fit together in a modular system. However, there are also wooden profiles that are offered as stud frames based on the modular principle. Precisely in this detail lies an argument that could speak against wood in general.

Under no circumstances should the first wood be used. Because it is important to consider the typical properties of wood:

  • Wood absorbs moisture and releases it again
  • Wood expands thermally and warps

The use of wood as a stud frame

Ultimately, these are the reasons that could speak against wood as a stud frame. However, if you use the right wood, you can largely neutralize these disadvantages. You should only use finger-jointed square timber profiles. Only these prevent the wood from warping so much that cracks in the planking could later be discovered.

For many do-it-yourselfers, perhaps one of the most decisive reasons to use wood is the ecological aspect, as it is a renewable raw material. Because wood and metal profiles do not cost anything if you only use squared timber specially provided for stud frames.

The use of metal profiles for the stud frame

This brings us to the advantages of metal profiles that we have already touched on. The systematic modular principle is particularly noticeable. The profiles are perfectly matched to one another and can be used precisely.

There are numerous useful accessories around the metal stud frame so that double-clad drywall can be implemented just as easily as suspended ceilings, wall cladding or floors made from drywall elements.

Conclusion: often an individual decision

Ultimately, it is an individual decision whether you prefer to use wood or metal. As far as the construction time is concerned, neither wood nor metal should be used if the stud frame was purchased specifically for this purpose.

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