Build a warm water garden shower yourself

Getting hot water for showering for free doesn't have to be complicated at all. Of course, it always depends on the comfort requirements. How you can build a simple or slightly more luxurious hot water garden shower with less or more effort, here are a few suggestions.

How to build your own hot water garden shower

If you want to build your own outdoor shower with hot water, you usually also have the requirement to heat the water using solar energy and thus get away inexpensively and ecologically efficiently. A solar garden shower can be interpreted in many ways and implemented in just as many ways. Basically, however, who wants to have the opportunity for warm showers outdoors, must also invest more costs and effort in the construction. Here are a few options, staggered by simple = little comfort to complicated = more comfort:

  • Black garden hose / canister
  • Solar collector
  • Gabion column

Black garden hose / canister

The simplest, but not very much comfort offering option is to use a black garden hose or a canister of black plastic. Layed in the sun / positioned, the water in it can heat up quickly - but only in truly effective dimensions on anyway warm summer days. In addition, the amount of water for shower is quite limited. For water canisters, a hose with a shower can be connected to the most widely available below drain tap.

Caution is advised because of the non-controllable heating temperature - otherwise scalding can occur on very hot, sunny days!

Solar collector

With a solar collector, which is normally used for pool heating, a much more sophisticated hot water garden shower can be built. However, since the water volume in such solar collector pool heaters is too small for a real shower experience, you should also work with a water tank and a feed pump. The water tank then represents the pool for which the solar collector is actually made.

And the heating cycle can also take place according to the same principle: The collector is placed in a place that is as sun-drenched as possible and connected in a circuit with the water tank and pump via hoses. By adjusting the pump, the water can be pumped through the collector until it has reached a comfortable temperature. There is also no risk of scalding.

Gabion column

The hot water garden shower in a gabion column is also somewhat more complex to build, but can be used without electricity. A column-shaped gabion basket is set up in a place in the garden that is as permanently sunlit as possible and filled with stones that are as heat-storing as possible, with a sturdy garden hose woven in a spiral. A shower connection ensures a nice shower rain. You can achieve the temperature-related luxury variant by combining it with a hose that is not wrapped in the heat-generating gabion and connecting the two hoses to a shower / bathtub mixer!