Send a wine bottle shatterproof

A beautiful gift that is popular even from a distance is a wine bottle. Courier services and post usually offer shipping of up to twelve bottles. In order to avoid damage and breakage, some packaging measures should be taken into account. This applies to the container, the location, the padding and the labeling.

Provide sufficient storage space

After selecting a wine bottle as a gift, tailored to the recipient, it is important to implement safe and attractive packaging. The bottle itself can first be wrapped in foil or in a jewelry bag available from gift and stationery stores.

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The shipping box must have external dimensions that leave at least five centimeters between the wine bottle and the cardboard box. Exceptions are special wooden shipping boxes such as those used by winemakers, for example. The weight of the wine bottle must be countered by the thickness of the cardboard box with break-through-proof stability. The minimum thickness is three millimeters of solid cardboard.

Filling and padding

In order to imagine the demands on the upholstery, dropping the package from a height of one meter should be viewed as a guideline. The impact must be possible in every direction and therefore the padding must completely surround a wine bottle. The following are possible as padding and filling material:

  • Styrofoam chips
  • Air cushions
  • Air cushion film
  • Wood wool

The filling or filling not only has to absorb vibrations, but also ensure a stable position for the wine bottle. A correspondingly stable "plug " and "compact " ensures this. After the box has been closed, the position of the bottle must not change when it is shaken on a trial basis.

Gluing and labeling

A shipping box always tears at its weakest point first. These are all corners, edges and joints. Wrapping these potential damaged areas with a sturdy adhesive tape minimizes the risk. Particularly suitable are fiber-reinforced adhesive tapes.

In freight and postal traffic, there are standardized pictograms for glass conversions and the marking from above and below a package. They should be glued on all four pages in Stickerform, the glass note also on the upper surface next to the address label.

Tips & Tricks As a special cushioning filler, you can use popcorn. In addition to its flawless ecological significance, it is edible. So it can give others, especially younger, family members of the recipient at the same time. You need to note that the wine bottle is clean and the cardboard box fatty stable is lined. Popcorn squirts fat, the cardboard can soften.