Build a workbench hinged yourself and save space

In many households and houses, a workbench is integrated into a differently used room. For reasons of space, a self-contained construction can be built or a workbench whose worktop can be folded on the wall. Especially in a garage or a multi-purpose room is the workshop "on call " practical.

Save space for non-use

A workbench is used by many hand and home improvement only to carry out repairs. In the unused time the workbench is "in the way around ". Typical place of installation is, for example, a garage. It is easily possible to remove a vehicle to create space for the workplace.

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In most cases, a worktop foldable on the wall offers. Important are stable and tense fasteners and supports. The load capacity and stability in the unfolded state must be ensured. Steel folding hinges offer secure fixation positions for both wooden workbenches as well as metal.

Construction forms of the folding mechanism

Depending on the structural situation, space and for use, various basic structures can be realized:

  • In itself, to reduce the dimensions (for example, halve a worktop of two square meters by transferring)
  • Mount fold-out wings on the sides and / or end faces of the base work plate and equipped with stable carrying and support beams horizontally and / or vertically
  • Hanging legs folding on hinges when the plate is folded up or folded up to the wall
  • Sliding technology similar to a disk departure on dining table. A second plate is stored in a rail construction under the base plate

Alternatively, build a movable variant

When deciding on a workbench model, the possibility should also be considered to generate mobility in addition to the reduction. A self-built mobile workbench can be dimensioned so that it fits perfectly under a table, in a cupboard or a shelf. Of course, independence must consist of the wall for this form.

Tips & Tricks In the case of a multi-function workbench, you may be able to construct a perfect type-related edition for hiding in retracted condition. Conceivable is a billiard felt, a table top, a barbecue or storage boxes and flowerpots.