Paint a car tire and design it creatively

If you still have one or more old car tires, you might want to repurpose them and redesign them as a decorative element. This also includes painting the car tires and giving them a nicer color than black.

Possibilities to delete old car tires and redesign

Old car tires can be redesigned to many purposes, not to be useless to lie around or expensive to be disposed of. With something fantasy you can make an interesting deco object or a useful utensil from an old tire. Here are some examples of projects for which the car tire needs to be re-painted:

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  • stack in the garden and use as elevated beds
  • multiple tires as stacks and with a table top
  • Swipe the tires and hang on the wall
  • Ripe ripe parts and use as a toy for the garden
  • Build figures from tire
  • Use cut and painted tires as large flower beds

How to prepare the tires for painting

Before you start painting, you should of course thoroughly clean the old tire (s). Dirty tires are very difficult to paint, and the paint may not adhere properly afterwards. After cleaning, the tire must dry thoroughly so that a primer and, of course, the subsequent paint can adhere properly. As a primer, you can apply an oil or shellac primer, for example. After it has dried thoroughly, use a suitable paint, such as acrylic paint, which is available in all possible shades. Then apply several coats of the desired color. If you wish, you can of course paint the tire in multiple colors.

If the tires still need to be prepared otherwise

If you want to convert the tire, you should bring it into the desired shape before applying the paint, for example by cutting out a part of the tire. The cutting is not that easy. It works best with an electric saw. Alternatively, you can also use a sturdy handsaw. If you want the tire to stay black, you can of course also simply apply clear varnish instead of a bright color. You can get this either in a silk-matt or in a glossy version. With a colored design, however, your tire usually looks much better.