Install a bath fan later

If your bath leaves bad, startup windows or mold in the bathroom joints has spread, it is high time to retrofit a bath fan. With a little crafted skill, they bring that too.

Which possibilities are there a bath fan subsequently installing?

In the course of a bathroom renovation, it makes sense to provide a bathroom fan equal to. Who has already planned a bleed shaft when house building, is the advantage. Another variant is the derivation of the air over an outer wall.

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Which is better, wall or ceiling installation?

Bathroom fan on the ceiling

Warm air always rises upwards, so it makes sense to divert it upwards as well. It is best to do this over the shower or bathtub. In this way, the moist air does not first spread through the room. Inside a suspended ceiling, the air can be directed to an outside wall by means of a ventilation pipe, provided the ventilation lines are no longer than 3 meters.

Bathroom fan on the wall

In every bathroom that borders on an outside wall, a bathroom fan can also be installed on the wall at a later date. Appropriately, this should be done directly under the ceiling, draining off the shower or bathtub is usually not possible here.

Installation variant Advantages Disadvantages
Existing exhaust air shaft easy installation mostly only possible in new buildings
Ceiling fan optimal suction Space above the ceiling required, limit the length of the exhaust duct
Wall fan suitable for any exterior wall lower efficiency

Create wall opening

You don't need a craft business to create a wall breakthrough, a skilled do-it-yourselfer can do that too. A strong drill (€ 48.00 at Amazon *), hammer and chisel are necessary, as well as some muscle power. If the breakthrough is through an insulated masonry, a few things must be observed so that there are no dangerous cold bridges. In case of doubt, a specialist should be consulted.

Electrical connection of the fan

Bathroom fans are not ready-to-use devices that are simply plugged into a socket. Therefore, the connection should always be carried out by a qualified electrician. Depending on the model of the bathroom fan, the control can take place via the light switch or a run-on function and a humidity measurement can be used for control.

Tips & Tricks Although a bathroom fan makes a good contribution to ventilation and protects against the formation of mold, the consent of the landlord must always be obtained for installation in rented apartments.