Retrofitting an elevator - often possible

Retrofitting an elevator in an existing building is not as impossible as was often assumed in the past. In this way, even old buildings are barrier-free and can be used by everyone again on all floors. In older multi-family houses in particular, apartments from the third floor can hardly be rented without an elevator.

Increase value and usability

With an elevator, a building can increase in value. The population is getting older and older and hardly anyone wants to live in a building with several floors that does not have an elevator. Nobody will take the risk of being stuck in their apartment later today.

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Not only drinks crates or full shopping boxes are really hard work when they have to be moved to a higher floor. Anyone who is traveling with a rollator or a wheelchair cannot even get to the first floor without an elevator.

Individual solutions for the stairwell

In many apartment buildings, a narrow elevator can be retrofitted in the stairwell. Retrofitting it in a single-family home is often a little more difficult, however. There must be enough space in front of the elevator stops to maneuver a wheelchair there.

In a small house, therefore, something literally has to be thought around the corner. It may even be necessary to separate part of the living room so that the hallway becomes correspondingly large. There are many solutions, but they will be different in almost every house.

Tips & Tricks If it is not possible to retrofit an elevator in your house, take a look at the exterior facade. More and more builders are now using the possibilities that an outdoor elevator offers. Many construction measures that would otherwise be necessary indoors are no longer necessary.