Set a window fitting

Windows are now equipped with different functions. That is, windows can be opened, closed and tilted in most cases. At the same time modern windows are heavy and massive. In these circumstances, it can be quickly concluded that the mechanics of the windows high loads is exposed. Regular maintenance is also obligatory as general cleaning and maintenance. In the regular, multiannual distance every window fitting must be set but also.

The execution of modern windows is burdened by this particularly

Today windows are true high-tech products. The thermal insulation values no longer differ significantly from the insulation values of a closed and high-quality insulated facade. In addition to new building materials and corresponding processes such as window and door assembly according to RAL, the structure of the windows also plays an important role:

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  • Multiple glazing with partially coated glass panes with vacuum or gas filling between the panes
  • Glazing set in a metal frame
  • stable construction of the window sash with metal reinforcement and gear inside
  • just as massive execution of the window frame
  • additional expenditure on window fittings (security locking cams) for security windows

A relatively high dead weight of the window can be derived from this. For this reason, windows can not be built anywhere. Otherwise, the longevity of the fittings is massively affected. If the window area is to be increased, it is therefore usually the only possibility.

The mechanical components must endure a lot

This still comes the enormous mechanical load, the windows in conjunction with the weather conditions are exposed. In particular, significant temperature fluctuations, moisture and frost make the mechanical components. That the window fittings adjust over time is only logical. Therefore, the window fittings must also be set regularly.

Setting period and window fittings to be set

The rule of thumb is here that the fittings should be adopted no later than two years. The setting of the following components in particular must be checked:

  • Striking plates and locking pins
  • Ribbon windows (corner bearings, scissor bearings)
  • Window handle

Checking the window handle quickly shows whether everything is still in order. However, it is not possible to set a window handle directly. If the handle can no longer be turned into the end positions, however, it is a clear indication that the setting of the other window fittings mentioned no longer fits.

A window fitting is not always the cause of the adjustment!

However, inexperienced do-it-yourselfers in particular have to be careful with their diagnosis. Because sometimes the cause of a poorly closing window cannot be found in the window fittings. Instead, it can happen that the blocking in the window (between the glass and the sash) slips. This makes it clearly explained from the rectangular rectangle of the wing frame a parallelogram, so a completely warped window.

The clip can also slip

In this case, the window must be adjusted. Adjusting the window fittings could help make a supposed to remedy shortly, but ultimately the entire window setting is completely wrong and harms the mechanical components in the medium term only. Then the repair of the window fittings could pending, which can also lead to difficulties.

Tips & Tricks can be sure that the window or. whose fittings are to be adjusted, you can use the following instructions for setting windows. Here we explain in detail in several steps in detail how you have a window or window. The window fittings can be used professionally.