Change a window fitting

Windows should be used as long as possible. For various reasons, it can then happen that individual components of a window have to be replaced. Window fittings in particular have to be changed relatively often. We have summarized for you in the following guide what you need to consider when changing a window and when it makes sense to change it.

Window replacement after 15 to 30 years

Windows are one of the components that should be used for at least 15 to 30 years. After 30 years at the latest, the technology is usually so outdated that it makes sense to replace the windows. In addition to the mechanics, the insulation properties are no longer likely to meet current requirements. Before you replace windows, however, you should always calculate the economic efficiency (are the energy savings large enough to justify the additional costs of new windows?).

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In the meantime, wait, repair and customize the windows

Over this period between 15 and 30 years, it is definitely recommended to modernize the windows at least in partial areas again and again and check the functions on changed requirements. So it has come in recent years to dramatic growth numbers at home incubators. Especially until about about 2005, the fewest people have really made deep-gripping thoughts on safety factors of windows.

Burglary safety is more important than ever before

But since this time, the burglar numbers have risen dramatically in well-developed regions. Thus, such windows today have an age between 10 and 15 years. From the insulation properties these windows are often absolutely sufficient, but not in safety. In addition, there are the fittings of old historical windows, which may need to be restored. If you want to change the window fittings, it is first necessary that you have installed quality windows.

If you want to change window fittings, this is usually only possible with branded windows

Only brand manufacturers can guarantee the availability of accessories and spare parts for decades. Because not every fitting fits every window. In addition, the fittings must be differentiated according to their function:

  • Fittings for opening, moving and adjusting
  • Closing fittings

In addition, the design of the window used is also decisive. Turn sash windows are mostly used today. In the case of basement windows, simple pivoting or casement windows are usually used, i.e. without combined options for movement. The locking fittings usually have simple tenons as standard. However, these can easily be broken open or levered open. Mushroom head locking bolts, for which locking fittings are also manufactured in a corresponding resistance class, offer more security.

If you have any questions about security, select fittings according to the relevant standards

The various standardized resistance classes (formerly WK according to DIN, today often RC for Resistance Class according to EN DIN) withstand a break-in attempt over a certain period of time with different break-in tools. Such security fittings also prevent windows from simply being lifted. In addition, the handle fitting (the olive) should also be equipped with a lock. Due to the numerous break-ins, the experts at the insurance companies often first check whether a suitable lock is in place.

The security fittings are only as secure as the entire window

For safety reasons, however, such fittings only make limited sense. If you are lucky, burglars will only try to crack the window fittings. But what if the pane is simply to be smashed in or the unreinforced window frame is to be broken open?

Retrofitting security fittings is therefore only as efficient as the overall security of windows. If you change the window fittings for safety reasons, all components must also be replaced. In addition to the mushroom studs on the window sash, there would of course also be the corresponding strike plates on the window frame.

Replacing the window fittings due to wear

However, if you only want to replace the window fittings because there is a mechanical defect, you can leave the counterparts installed in most cases. A mechanically worn strike plate does not automatically mean a defective locking pin. In any case, you should always try to increase the security and maintenance properties with new window fittings. Because many window manufacturers are developing their fittings further. Many homeowners can benefit from the respective upgrades under certain circumstances.

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