Dismantle a window handle

Windows are exposed to high mechanical loads. Therefore, certain components of windows have to be serviced again and again, if necessary readjusted or replaced. This also applies to the window handle. Here we show you how to quickly dismantle a window handle.

Structure on the window handle

Like a door handle, there is a kind of thorn on a window handle. This mandrel in the form of an external square is simply pushed into the mechanism to open the window and lock inside the sash. The ease of movement is therefore also dependent on the condition of these mechanically moving parts. This deteriorates over the years for many windows and different failures can be noticeable:

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  • The window handle is extremely clumsy and can hardly be turned
  • Window handle is no longer tight and wobbles
  • Window handle connection is worn out inside
  • complete window jammed when closing

It is often sufficient to simply retighten the window handle. So you don't always have to remove the window handle straight away. Regardless of whether you want to remove the window handle or just tighten it, the procedure is always the same.

Dismantling the window handle

Most of the windows that are installed today are turn / tilt windows. Set the handle sideways to "Open " in order to be able to loosen the screws for dismantling. The handle fitting is also usually covered in a similar way. The cover can then also be removed from the screws by turning. So also turn the fitting cover sideways.

Now you can see the two screws that connect the window handle to the inner mechanism for opening, closing and tilting. Check that the screws are tightened securely. Also check that the handle is firmly seated on the inner square of the window mechanism, if it is really screwed on.

Handle defective or only loose

If it can still be moved, this thorn is usually knocked out. The counterpart on the mechanism inside the wing is usually not knocked out. In the case of high-quality windows, the inner square is made of hardened steel. The construction is deliberately designed in such a way that the window handle, which is easier to replace, tends to no longer work.

Care and maintenance of the window handle

Now move the window handle back and forth by wiggling it and pull it out at the same time. Now you can check and clean the mechanics. You can now also use a new window handle. When it comes to oiling and greasing the mechanics, please follow the window manufacturer's specifications. In any case, only use non-resinous fats and oils.

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