Install a window handle

There is a lot of work around the house that DIY enthusiasts and less tech-savvy residents can do themselves quickly and easily. One of them is installing a new window handle. Below you will find a small, detailed guide on how to professionally mount a window handle and what to watch out for.

The tasks of windows

Windows are an integral part of a building. The window takes on numerous tasks:

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  • Weather protection
  • Light in the room
  • Insight and insight
  • Style element
  • Component for venting and venting

Regular opening and closing stresses the mechanics

In particular, the ventilation, which is required in most existing buildings and in old buildings, puts considerable strain on the window handle. It is not uncommon for the window handle to be loose at some point. In most cases, it is sufficient to simply pull the window handle.

It is not uncommon for the window handle to be replaced

But there may also be times when you need to replace the window handle because it is literally worn out. To do this, you must first remove the old window handle. This is followed by brief instructions on how to unscrew a window handle and how to mount a new window handle.

Step-by-step instructions for assembling a window handle

  • new window handle
  • possibly suitable oil or fat
  • possibly suitable cleaning agent (plastic and mechanics)
  • screwdriver
  • possibly tools for cleaning (brush, cloth, etc.).)
  • possibly tools for oiling or greasing (oil can, spray, etc.).)

1. Preparatory work

Windows that are conventionally installed today are usually turn / tilt windows. When the handle is in the downward position, they are closed, transversely open, and the window can be tilted upward. Please move the handle sideways.

You will now find a plastic cover on the handle fitting. With most windows you can move them by rotating them. Turn the cover to the left as you unscrew a screw and position the cover crossways as well. With a few covers, you have to pry them open with a screwdriver.

2. Dismantle the old window handle

You will now see a screw below and above the handle. Unscrew these two screws. Now gently wiggle the window handle back and forth. The pin, an external square, is pulled out of the mechanism.

3. Clean the mechanism and the handle rest

Now you can first clean the handle rest. Usually a lot of dirt collects underneath, which gets there with condensation and cleaning water. Shine in the handle opening of the window and check the condition. If necessary, you have to clean lightly if the oil or grease is very dirty. Make sure not to use any aggressive cleaning agents (plastic!).

Then spray or paint everything with suitable grease or lubricating oil. The fat or oil that you want to use must not become resinous.

4th. Fit a new window handle

Now you can mount the new window handle. Bring the handle into the transverse position, as well as the fitting cover. You may need to grease the square peg a little more. Now insert the opening mechanism in the window sash. Slightly screw in both screws.

Now loosely tighten the first, then the second screw. In a second pass, you finally tighten the screws. Be careful not to turn too hard, otherwise you could tear the thread. A small cordless screwdriver that can be set with a small torque is recommended.

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