Add a tool shed to the garage

On many properties, the rear or side wall of a garage is ideal, around which a tool shed can be built. The wall provides basic stability, which means that foundations and heavy support beams can be dispensed with in many cases. The size usually remains below the volume that is subject to building law approval for enclosed space.

Advantages of growing

In contrast to free-standing variants, adding and building a tool shed on a house or garage wall has a number of advantages:

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  • The basic stability is borne by the masonry
  • The type of construction can be made of relatively "light " material
  • The wall provides weather, wind and weather protection
  • Usually there is no view of the neighboring property
  • Garage and tool shed complement each other ideally in close proximity to each other
  • Ugly "bare " walls are disappearing

Size and building permit

The rear wall of a single garage has a standard width of three meters and standard heights between 2.40 and 2.60 meters. This wall surface is perfect for planning a tool shed that is two meters wide and high. With a depth of one meter, enclosed space of four cubic meters is created, with two meters depth of eight cubic meters. In almost all federal states, the building regulations require a building permit only for larger volumes.

Devices, plants, or both

Storage space for devices can be set up on an existing wall just as well as a leaning greenhouse. Creative do-it-yourselfers combine both and create, for example, storage space behind a planted front view.

The transition from the shelter or canopy to the shed is usually attached to walls that are closed on all sides. A carport on the house wall, like a pavilion open on two or one side, is not considered to be an enclosed space.

The roof of the tool shed should always have an incline, at least slightly, away from the roof towards the front edge or eaves. If precipitation runs down the wall or stagnant water occurs, sooner or later both the wall and the roof will be damaged.

Tips & Tricks If you add a tool shed made of sheet steel to the garage, decouple the sheets from the support frame and / or the garage wall with pads. Otherwise it can happen that with every opening and closing of the garage door the device shaft according to Schepperert.