Build a tool shed from pallets open or closed

Pallets can be used in two ways to build a tool shed. The pallets can be completely dismantled and used for a slat and rail construction. Alternatively, partial dismantling or building in as a whole is an option. This creates half-open sheds and shelters without much effort.

Open or closed

The universal usability of Euro pallets also extends to the construction of a tool shed. Similar to a playhouse made of pallets, a half-open construction is the easiest to implement. The pallets joined together form a kind of lattice enclosure. It protects devices and stored goods against access, but only to a limited extent against weather and moisture.

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There are two ways to turn pallets into a closed structure:

1. The joints and slots in the pallets are filled and / or covered
2. The pallets are broken down into individual parts and used as boards

Construction methods and types of construction

When planning a tool shed yourself with pallets as a construction basis, the following types of construction are possible:

  • Base pillars or posts are used to attach complete pallets or pallets that have been dismantled on one side
  • Base pillars or posts are clad with the dismantled individual boards of several pallets
  • The openings of the pallets are filled with strips
  • The openings of the pallets are closed with foil stapled from the inside
  • Staggered pallets as double-shell walls create spray and privacy protection

Enclosed space in building law assessment

The boundaries between pavilion, shelter, tool shed and tool shed are fluid. Two aspects can be highlighted as decisive criteria for or against a building permit:

  • The method of fastening the floor
  • Can be locked by a door

Subordinate, but to the same extent as with other construction materials, are decisive:

  • The tagged size
  • Optical influence on neighbors
  • Creative adaptation to the locally applicable development plan

Weather and weather resistance

Pallets are tough, but should be treated as a material for a tool shed. The frugal wood can be covered with glazes or varnishes to protect against mold and rotting.

Tips & Tricks You can also use pallets only as a floor substructure. With trimmed strips you can fill the joints and create a flat surface.