Regrind a tap

Taps also become blunt according to the frequency of thread cutting. At the same time, taps can also be reground, otherwise the risk of the drill breaking increases. We have summarized below for you how you can regrind taps.

A tap also becomes blunt; then he breaks frequently

Cutting threads is a mechanical cutting activity. Therefore, the cutting edge of a tap can become dull over time and depending on the intensity of use. The problem here is that the tap does not become blunt evenly, i.e. not linearly. This often gives the impression that the tap is still sharp enough.

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Due to the now different forces at the Spanen or. Thread cutting are often causing a breach of the tap. In many cases, a tap, which is broken, no longer was sharply sharp. So it does not always have to have been the lack of cooling by cutting oil, which is why such a threaded hob can break.

The grinding of a tap

First, the chip angle will be ground. This can be recognized in plan view. As a measure, the chip angle is defined at the first full cutting tooth. The division of the grooves is mandatory if they grind with the grinding wheel. Otherwise, it can happen that the tap is now too big cutting.

Always pay attention to the right angle when grinding

When grinding the groove in the spiral (the longitudinal groove), the grinding wheel must be precisely adjusted to the angle and swiveled in by one to two degrees. In the case of a groove in the longitudinal view from bottom left to top right, the grinding wheel is one to two degrees higher to the left than the actual peeling point angle.

Check the grinding wheel regularly

The grinding wheel must also be checked regularly during regrinding. If the profiling slowly disappears, it must be renewed or a new grinding wheel used. After regrinding, the tap has to be cleaned and oiled.

Reworking the tap after regrinding

A wire brush is used for cleaning (pay attention to the matching alloy of the trimmings). It is cleaned from the cutting back of the tap to the cutting edge. The tap is then cleaned with compressed air and lightly oiled with machine oil.

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