Build a wooden balcony yourself

Wood is the classic working material for craftsmen and DIY enthusiasts alike. This makes it almost imperative for the do-it-yourselfer to build a wooden balcony himself. But before you start building your own wooden balcony, you should consider a few special features that you absolutely have to comply with.

Thoroughly plan your wooden balcony

Wooden balconies are among the most beautiful balconies ever. They convey a feeling of closeness to nature and thus have an increasingly positive effect on the house facade. But long before you even start planning the actual balcony, you have to consider a few points. There are clear differences in the construction of wooden balconies:

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  • Facing balconies
  • Extension balconies
  • Wooden balconies with a cantilevered concrete slab as the floor

The cheapest balcony is not necessarily the cheapest option

The extension balcony is the simplest design in terms of material costs. However, these costs are not the only decisive factors when it comes to the prices for a wooden balcony. According to the Energy Saving Ordinance (EnEV), thermal insulation of windows, roofs and facades is often prescribed for old and existing buildings. The facade insulation is usually produced by means of a thermal insulation composite system that is mounted on the facade.

Consider the special features of external thermal insulation composite systems

But anyone who has already renewed their windows and installed such an ETICS knows that the connection between the windows and the facade is a massive weak point of the ETICS. Even the slightest execution error can have fatal consequences.

The extension balcony must also be anchored in the facade. This means that breakthroughs must be made in the ETICS. The correct execution of the balcony fastening is therefore a mandatory factor that also entails costs.

Every balcony is subject to building permits

As a result, you must carefully consider which type of balcony construction you ultimately want to choose for your project before you even start the construction plans - even if ETICS has not yet been installed but is in the planning stage. But then you still can't start planning - at least not yourself. Because the balcony represents a change in the facade and also a load-bearing component. This also means that there is a building permit requirement. So it is important to consider the following points:

  • consult a structural engineer or architect
  • Consideration of state building regulations and regional development plan
  • Construction plans that are eligible for building permission
  • Initiation of the building permit procedure or. the building notice (depending on the state)
  • if necessary, official building inspection

In any case, you have to consult an architect or structural engineer who will prepare the documents for you that are suitable for building permits. However, you must also take into account the details of the construction plan. You can only incorporate your ideas into the static calculations and construction plans.

Tips & Tricks The specialist trade also offers numerous balcony construction kits. These are also provided with the relevant documents that can be used for building permits, as well as extensive building instructions. Depending on the state and the requirements of the building authority responsible for you, you may be able to proceed in this way.Otherwise, you also have the option of calling in a suitable master craftsman who will support you in building your own wooden balcony. In this way you avoid the risk that your balcony cannot be accepted because there may be implementation errors (for example, load-bearing parts must not be made using mortised connections). In general, a wooden balcony has to meet numerous DIN standards and requirements, which you should definitely find out about.