Painting a wooden floor without sanding and what you should pay attention to

A wooden floor is subject to heavy use over the years. Heavy signs of use, dirt and scratches make the surface appear worn. You can also paint the wooden floor without sanding? In fact, there are alternatives to sanding.

When a wooden floor shows strong signs of use

Despite an effective surface sealing, a wooden floor shows some signs of wear over the years. If the wood layer is strong enough, the wood floor is usually sanded down and then resealed. However, this is a very dirty and time consuming job that you may want to save yourself. In fact, there are ways of giving the floor a new shine by sanding it down without a lot of dirt and additional time.

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What an opportunity you have to freshen up the floor

The sanding is done for a good reason. The top and heavily contaminated layer of the material is removed. In addition, minor unevenness, for example those caused by scratches, is compensated for. Waxed, oiled or otherwise impregnated surfaces can also be freshened up in other ways. There are various cleaners (some are called power cleaners) for wooden surfaces in specialist shops. These can be applied to different surfaces, namely the following:

  • Wooden floors
  • Furniture
  • Cork surfaces
  • terracotta

If you want to paint the wooden floor without sanding

If you prefer to save yourself sanding the wooden floor, you should use other means to ensure that the new paint to be applied remains on the wooden floor for a long time without any problems. This can be done, for example, with the help of a special primer (€ 19.50 at Amazon *) or with a suitable varnish to pretreat the wooden surface. It is very important that you apply this product completely over the entire area and then allow it to dry for a long enough time before the paint is applied.

Use suitable paint for painting without sanding

Specialist shops offer special paints for wooden surfaces that you can apply without the surface having to be sanded down for a long time. The peculiarity of these colors is that they do not leave a thick film of color on the wood, as is the case with other types of paint. The color can even apply directly to untreated wood.