Staple an LED strip: possible or not?

The LED strips that are so popular today are used for a wide variety of lighting purposes, be it as normal white lighting or in the form of colored LEDs. However, these strips can also be stapled or this is not advisable?

The attachment of LED strips

LED strips are very useful for creating simple and, at the same time, individual lighting or for attaching lighting where there is no space for conventional lamps or fluorescent tubes. The power supply is usually provided by a power supply unit, which is either supplied or available from an additional specialist dealer. In most cases, it is attached using adhesive strips that have already been attached to the LED strips. However, this type of fastening does not always work, which is why many users of these strips want to resort to other fastening options.

Use other mounting options for the LEDs?

There are many areas of application for LED strips in which other fastening options are required, for example on surfaces to which the adhesive strips attached to the LEDs do not adhere. Fabrics are examples of this. But what other mounting options are there? Here are some ideas on how to do this:

  • use special adhesives
  • Insert screws for fastening
  • staple the LED strips

Can the LED be attached with the tacker?

In principle, the attachment can also take place in other ways. However, you should be careful with fasteners that pierce holes in the LED strips. This could damage the conductor tracks contained in the light sources and make the LED strips completely unusable. Fastening, for example with a staple gun, can in principle already take place, but only if the clips do not damage the conductor tracks of the LED strips. You can use this, for example, in such a way that you attach the clamps without their tips penetrating the LED strip at any point, but instead the fastening takes place to the left and right of the strip, while the bracket of the clamp holds the LED strip in place.

What to look out for with this type of fastening

Even if the LED strips are not damaged by the clips, you can still cause a short circuit if the open contacts on the LED strips are connected by the metal clip. If you want to do the fastening in this way, make sure that this does not happen, so that the clips cannot come into contact with conductive surfaces such as conductor tracks or contacts on the LED strips.