Cover a rocking chair with new fabric

There are rocking chair designs that have upholstery that is firmly attached to the frame. The advantage is the permanent hold even when swinging and in many cases the visual attractiveness of the overall appearance. In the event of damage and lasting soiling, it is often unavoidable to cover the rocking chair again.

Seat and arm shells

A rocking chair covered with firm cushions usually has a backrest and a seat shell. The plate-shaped often slightly curved attachments are not only used for seating comfort, but also serve as a covering support. More rarely, upholstery fabrics are drawn directly onto a braid. In these cases, the integrity of the braid and the need for repairs must first be determined.

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Possible alternatives should also be checked before relocating. Cleaning companies can clean the upholstery without having to remove the cover. Instead of a fixed cover, loose upholstery is also an option. When sewing chair covers and / or chair cushions, foam linings can increase seating comfort.

Types of fabric and fastening

The upholstery fabric is often folded around the edges of the bowls and stapled on the underside. In the case of higher quality designs, screwed-on retaining strips may be present. The shells themselves are usually screwed to the chair frame. They need to be solved first.

A robust, stable fabric should be selected as the cover material that can withstand the sliding movements of the chair caused by those sitting on it for a long time. At the same time, there should be a slight elasticity. The following fabrics are suitable for the rocking chair:

  • jersey
  • Stretch
  • leatherette
  • Genuine leather

Both natural and artificial fibers are suitable as starting fibers. They should be tightly woven and weigh at least 500 grams per square meter. This corresponds roughly to the average weight of conventional denim. It must be ensured that the weight is not the reference value of the running meter.

Taper over the corners

When drawing, the tapering is carried out on the corners of the shells. The fabric is folded in several times and pulled over the corner like a smooth curtain. Slightly moistening the cover material can facilitate a later "adjustment ".

Tips & Tricks Depending on the fabric, the material for reupholstering the chair will cost you a low to mid double-digit euro amount. You might want to buy a staple gun, which starts at around thirty euros.