Build a fancy bungalow: which costs are common?

A bungalow has great advantages over a multi-story building. Especially in old age, when climbing stairs becomes more difficult, it can be very relieving to only inhabit one floor. What do modern bungalows cost?

A bungalow brings you these advantages and disadvantages

Many people find the bungalow construction particularly representative. The building takes up a lot of space and looks really noble with a flat gable or hipped roof.

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The particularly popular corner bungalow offers residents a large, yet protected, outdoor seat that can be easily reached from two sides. Sometimes an extension of the house roof extends over this cozy terrace area.

The construction costs for a bungalow can be quite low compared to a multi-storey residential building if the builder chooses a simple variant: the chimney is short, the statics do not have to carry any additional floors and the stairwell is also saved.

On the other hand, a bungalow has a much larger footprint than a multi-storey single-family house with the same number of square meters. And a large plot of land naturally costs more than a small one.

The bungalow also does not do so well in terms of running costs in the energy sector. It has a larger outside area than comparable multi-storey houses and therefore loses more heating heat.

These factors determine the price of bungalow construction

  • House area
  • number of rooms
  • Shape of the bungalow: simple rectangular shape particularly inexpensive
  • Construction: prefabricated house, prefabricated house, solid house
  • energetic construction, e.g.B. Passive house or energy saving house
  • Construction of the roof: Flat roof as the cheapest option
  • Surcharge for a green roof
  • Additional costs for a cellar or partial cellar

In the prefabricated house area of the lowest price group, you can already buy a bungalow for a price between around 70.000 and 100.Acquire 000 EURO. These prices apply from the top edge of the floor slab for a simple house with a floor space of around 80 square meters.

You have to budget significantly more money for an individually planned solid house with many extras. In the country, you pay around 150 for your little feel-good home.000 to 250.000 EUR, the luxury version can be even more expensive.

A floor slab of around 80 square meters costs about another 10.000 EUR, a cellar falls with an average of 30.000 EUR in weight.

A price example

A family orders a beautiful, mid-range, prefabricated bungalow, 100 square meters of living space with a flat pitched roof. In addition, there are earthworks and a partial cellar.

Cost overview price
1. Earthworks 6th.000 EUR
2. Partial basement 21.000 EUR
3. Turnkey bungalow 180.000 EUR
total 207.000 EUR

Bungalow saves repair costs

A lot of repair and beautification work can be carried out inexpensively on a bungalow: With the low building height, more personal work is possible, craftsmen can work more efficiently and do not have to set up scaffolding.

Tips & Tricks Due to the larger outdoor area compared to a multi-storey building, very good insulation should be a matter of course for a bungalow.