Sharpen a splitting hammer

If the splitting ax or the splitting hammer is used intensively, it is inevitable that the blade will become blunt. In the following, we will show you ways in which you can sharpen your splitting hammer again.

Universal ax, splitting hammer and splitting ax

First of all, we would like to point out that sharpening a splitting ax or a splitting hammer is identical. You can read in detail here the differences between the splitting hammer and the splitting ax. You then have various options for grinding and sharpening the splitting hammer:

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  • Grind with a fine file and various whetstones
  • Grind with a grinding or lubricating gel disc on the angle grinder (49.99 € on Amazon *)
  • Sand with sandpaper and possibly a whetstone

Sharpen the splitting hammer with a file and whetstones

The file for sharpening the splitting ax or splitting hammer is necessary if notches have accidentally been made in the blade. This can happen, for example, if the blade was accidentally hit on a stone. The file is used to grind away from the material, i.e. from the hammer or ax head to the blade.

It is important to ensure that the blade arch is filed cleanly. Then the blade is honed with whetstones. First of all, it should be a whetstone between 200 and 400, the finest grain size is a maximum of 800 for the second whetstone for the finish. The whetstone is also always pulled from the ax head to the blade and slightly offset along the blade.

Sharpen the splitting hammer with an angle grinder

Another option is grinding or honing with a grinding wheel on the angle grinder. This should have a grain size of 200 to 240. However, the use of an angle grinder (a Flex) is only advisable if you have the appropriate experience. The problem: if you hold the grinding wheel too long at the high speeds and / or with too much pressure on the blade, the blade can burn out.

If the blade is already blue, it is already too late. The heating acts like the sintering of steel. This becomes hard and brittle. This means that the ax or the splitting hammer will become faster and more blunt than usual after just a few blows. The angle grinder is really only recommended if you have the appropriate experience with knife blades.

Sanding the splitting hammer with sandpaper and / or whetstones

Sanding with sandpaper and whetstones basically follows the same technique as sanding with whetstone and file. If there are no rough notches in the hammer blade, you can sharpen it this way. They start with a grit around 120. This is followed by gradations of other grit sizes of sandpaper or grindstones. Sue also make sure that the whetstones are soaked with water and that enough water is used during the sharpening.

Grinding machines for the splitting hammer are advisable?

Grinding machines are often problematic as many home improvement or household consumers tend to purchase cheap products. Sharpening and sharpening a splitting ax or splitting hammer will never really be crowned with success.

Tips & Tricks After the splitting ax or splitting hammer has been sharpened again, you should oil the blade well with penetrating oil after it has dried. This will prevent corrosion (with a suitable alloy) and the ax or splitting hammer will slide better into the wood. Tips & Tricks There are "guides" in which it is written that sharpening an ax is not so important, as the force would come from the blow and the wood would be split through it. This is wrong. A sharp blade penetrates wood much more easily.