Dispose of a kettle

Rubbish is no longer just rubbish. Many disposable products can be recycled or contain valuable materials that can be taken out again. This is also the case with the kettle. So how should a kettle be disposed of?? We give the answers.

Disposal of electronic waste is regulated by the electrical law

The waste separation in Germany is extremely meticulous and accurate. However, anyone who thinks that this is only a German "virtue" is wrong. Since the end of July 2016 in particular there has been a corresponding EU directive that is being implemented in this country in the so-called ElektroG ElektroG. Incidentally, this electrical law has been in place since 2005. Since it is a household electrical appliance, this law also applies to kettles.

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This is how you can dispose of your kettle since 2016

Since then, retailers (online as well as in conventional shops) have had to take back old electrical devices under certain conditions. But before we go into more detail about what to consider, first the various options that are available for disposing of your kettle:

  • Hand it in at the local recycling center in your community
  • dispose of in the trade
  • repair old kettle
  • give away old kettles or sell them for little money (e.g. online)

Like any other electrical waste, the kettle must not be disposed of with household waste. In principle, electronic waste is to be treated as hazardous waste.

Return the old kettle to the recycling center

You can hand in old electrical appliances, including your disused kettle, in your community's recycling center. However, you have to pay attention to their fees. Depending on the community, the assumption can be free at least in household quantities for free or requiring a small fee. Basically, the disposal of the kettle over the recycling center is possible.

Dispose of the trade

So that a dealer takes its electrical waste to certain conditions, some criteria must be considered. Basically, the withdrawal has been duty at the latest since July 2016. This applies to dealers who provide at least 400 sqm for electrical appliances at least 400 sqm shops and for online distributors who have a warehouse and shipping area of at least 400 square meters.

Large devices such as washing machines, TV appliances or refrigerators must be accepted for free when a new device is purchased. Small appliances can also be delivered free of charge from the dealer if no new device is purchased. The edge length of the electrical device must not exceed 25 cm. Some kettles are quite smaller.

Repair old kettles, sell them, give them away

Many old electrical appliances are usually not really broken, just old and no longer modern. The most common "damage" to a kettle is a calcified heating element. We have summarized for you how to naturally descale a kettle. A kettle that has been cleaned like other electrical appliances can often be sold on the Internet for little money - or at least given away. Then there are no disposal fees whatsoever.

Tips & Tricks Certain electrical appliances can also be disposed of free of charge by private households via the "Electroreturn" postal service. To do this, the old device must fit into a maxi letter (35 x 25 x 5 cm) and have a maximum weight of 1 kg. The offer is therefore less likely to be an option for kettles.