Build a corner bungalow turnkey: the current prices

The corner bungalow is one of the most popular single-story single-family homes. Such a building usually has at least one spacious terrace, which is located in the inner corner of the building. What are the prices for the different variants?

Price information: what to look out for!

When inquiring about specific prices to build an angular bungalow, be sure to look carefully at what you are getting. This is the only way to actually compare the costs for different house models.

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First of all, it is important to know whether the prices of the respective vendor include the earthworks and the floor slab. A base plate costs between 10.000 and 25.000 EUR: an important cost factor!

If you want to have a corner bungalow built, you should always read the description of your favorite models carefully. Are the costs for the architect and the statics included in the final price? There is still scope for individual rescheduling in the budget?

Various prefabricated corner bungalows: a look at the prices

A small angled bungalow with a floor space of around 80 square meters, a flat gable roof and no special extras costs around 120.000 EUR upwards. The terrace corner in the lower price range is simply cut out in a rectangular shape.

Some corner bungalows have two rectangular terrace areas. With a living space of 100 sqm, you can start with a price of around 140.Expect EUR 000. This may include a flat gable roof with an expandable, small attic room.

Dream of building an angled bungalow with an atrium based on the ancient model? A house with around 100 square meters of living space and an atrium of around 15 square meters is already in the price range of approx. 160.000 EUR to have.

Angular bungalows with around 100 square meters and an open gallery to the top floor cost around 170.000 EUR. A house with a simple bay light can be purchased from around 130.000 EUR to be had.

Price example for a turnkey corner bungalow

A couple chooses a chic corner bungalow from the catalog. The price for the 100 square meter house with atrium, terrace and open gallery applies from the upper edge of the floor slab. A few small concept changes cost a surcharge.

Cost overview price
1. Earthworks 7th.000 EUR
2. Base plate 13.000 EUR
3. Angle bungalow 185.000 EUR
4th. Concept changes 18th.000 EUR
total 223.000 EUR

The eco-roof for the environmentally conscious

A bungalow roof is always ideal for greening. Think early on whether you want a green roof or even a green roof terrace, and adjust the statics of your house accordingly.

Tips & Tricks The prices for prefabricated houses generally apply to turnkey construction. This means that the purchase price does not include any flooring or wallpapering work, but often tiles, shutters and some other useful items. You can find information in the building description.