Simply heartbreaking! This dog fears for the life of its master

Proof that dogs are man's best friends! (Video below)

Somebody should say again that dogs are stupid! This Viszla really is man's best friend, especially his master Eric. Because when he begins to dive in the pool, the animal is afraid for the life of the man.
Eric actually just wants to dive a little - but that terrifies his hunting dog. The four-legged friend barks, paddles wildly with his paws on the edge of the pool and tries to catch his master with the front paw - howling with concern for his life. After Eric shows up at 00:17, the animal tries with all its might to pull the swimmer's hands to the edge of the pool so that he can find a secure hold there and checks several times if he is really holding on.
When the man starts a second attempt to dive (00:30 minute), his dog doesn't hesitate, howls desperately and jumps into the pool to swim after his master in panic. Only when his master is back at the edge of the pool and is safe does the loyal dog and protector calm down. This is true love!

Here are the minutes in which the dog wants to save his master's life: