Simply unique: 9 special places in Germany that you absolutely have to see!

You want to explore Germany and are looking for unusual places that not everyone knows? We'll reveal nine special places that are worth a trip to.

1. Tempelhofer Feld in Berlin

Have you ever looked at a runway and thought "Man, how I would love to skate over this huge area in peace "? You can do just that in Berlin! The Tempelhofer Feld is so huge that you can do your laps undisturbed better than in any empty parking lot. Jogging and cycling are also a dream. And if at some point you k.O. you let yourself fall on the grass and enjoy this wonderful place in the middle of the capital.

2. "Tiger & Turtle " in Duisburg

Is not that crazy? In Duisburg you can take a walk on a roller coaster! At least the huge sculpture looks like a roller coaster and makes a trip to the fresh air all the more worthwhile. Bonus point: it also lights up at night!

3. Speicherstadt in Hamburg

Not only fans of the children's series "Die Pfefferkörner " will love Hamburg's Speicherstadt. The huge, ancient warehouses are home to the "Miniatur Wunderland " and the "Hamburg Dungeon ". And you can't take a bad photo of them. Bluish cast? Smeared lens? Bad light? None of that can affect the Speicherstadt - then it's just the perfect industrial look.

4th. Monument to the Battle of the Nations in Leipzig

Yes, the name looks dusty and uninteresting, but stay tuned! Just look at these huge stone figures. If you walk up the floors of the temple, you will never have felt so close to a fantasy world. It's hard to believe that something like this should have been created by human hands.

5. Sanssouci Park in Potsdam

When you're in Potsdam, don't look at the prefabricated buildings or the Hotel Mercure. Instead, go to the well-kept Sanssouci Park and enjoy the view of the state capital of Brandenburg from the palace. Real kings once lived here - you can tell!

6th. Schnoor district in Bremen

The Schnoor is Bremen's oldest district and so incredibly picturesque! Narrow streets and numerous cafés and handicraft shops make this corner of Bremen the perfect place for a Sunday stroll.

7th. Eisbach in Munich

You don't have to go to the sea or spend money on an artificial facility to surf the waves. You can do that just as well in Munich on the Eisbachwelle. The roaring brook is only for professionals, but watching from the bank or from the bridge at the Haus der Kunst is also fun.

8th. Bridegroom oak in Eutin

The bridegroom's oak is a tree with its own address. Yes, you heard correctly, you can write a letter to this tree, the address is: Bräutigamseiche, Dodauer Forst, 23701 Eutin. And who can read that? Every stroller who walks past it and fishes a letter out of the knothole. Try it!

9. Fairy grottoes in Saalfeld

In the heart of Germany there is a fairytale-like sight deep underground: the Saalfeld fairy grottoes with their shimmering caves and colorful stalactites attract numerous visitors. You are looking for a special place to get married? Here you have it!

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