Simply clean! Gently clean the stretched lacquer ceiling

A stretched lacquer ceiling is considered to be extremely easy to care for, it does not require painting and is relatively easy to keep clean. However, there is one thing it cannot take: sharp objects and abrasives that scratch the surface. Always clean your stretched lacquer ceiling as gently as possible, then you will be able to look forward to it for a long time!

Long shelf life through good care: care products for the stretched lacquer ceiling

A high-quality stretched lacquer ceiling retains its color strength for life, and with careful maintenance it is almost indestructible. When cleaning, avoid scratching brushes, cleaners containing abrasives and sponges that are too hard.

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A conventional neutral cleaner is well suited for maintaining a stretched painted ceiling. Warm up the wash water to around body temperature so that it feels comfortably lukewarm, then add the detergent.

It is best to put on rubber gloves and use a soft flannel cloth. When used frequently, microfiber cloths leave behind many fine scratches that can make a glossy surface appear dull over time.

Here's how to properly clean your stretched painted ceiling

  • Moisten the flannel cloth with the cleaning liquid
  • Rub down the stretched ceiling in the direction of the seam with light pressure
  • Wipe with clear water and remove any cleaner residue
  • Rub dry gently with a soft cloth

If stains remain firmly adhering after this cleaning, please never use solvents or harsh cleaning agents: this could dissolve or otherwise damage the plastic surface!

It is better to use a special polishing agent for lacquered stretch ceilings, which also gives the surface a new shine. Agents containing ammonia work particularly well in this context. Never squeeze too hard when wiping or polishing!

Do not adjust the reinforcement rings and lighting!

Do not change anything on the lighting brackets or the reinforcement rings while cleaning! A stretched lacquer ceiling can tear due to the resulting mechanical stress. The film does not tolerate contact with hot lamps either, which causes it to melt.

Tips & Tricks At temperatures below -5 degrees Celsius, the material of the stretched lacquer ceiling suffers and can even tear on its own. So only use this type of blanket in rooms that are always warm enough in winter!