Simple and efficient: repair the refrigerator seal

A refrigerator seal is not made to last, after a few years it can become porous and then no longer fulfills its function. The result: the refrigerator loses its coldness and needs more energy to maintain its temperature. In addition, condensation usually forms, which in turn favors the colonization of mold. It is necessary to repair the refrigerator seal quickly!

What can I do to make the refrigerator seal last?

Let us first clarify what needs to be done to extend the shelf life of the refrigerator seal so that it does not have to be repaired in the first place: You can noticeably increase the service life of the seals through regular cleaning and care!

Wipe the rubber lining regularly with warm water and washing-up liquid. Use a cloth that is as soft as possible and do not omit the indentations under any circumstances.

Regular treatment with glycerine increases the service life of the material and ensures that the seals remain pliable. And while you're at it, you can wipe out the inside of the entire refrigerator.

How to fix your fridge seal

The repair of a refrigerator seal in the strict sense is not possible. The most you can do is glue the peeling rubber back on, this works well with superglue. But a seal that has become porous can no longer be regenerated.

In this case, you will need to repair the refrigerator gasket by replacing it with a new one. The following brief instructions will help you to carry out this mini-project successfully:

  • Remove old seals completely.
  • Remnants possibly. scrape off with a wooden scraper.
  • Wipe off with a gentle cleaning agent.
  • Remove stubborn adhesive residue with ethanol.
  • Wipe everything dry with a soft cloth.
  • Brush the adhesive surface with superglue.
  • Proceed very precisely and step by step.
  • Note the short drying times of the adhesive.
  • Press on the new refrigerator seal piece by piece.
  • Hold on for about a minute and she'll sit.
  • Remove all glue residue on the surfaces.
  • Close the refrigerator door.
  • Open again after a quarter of an hour.
  • Holds the new seal? Then you did it!
Tips & Tricks When you are already in the process of taking care of your refrigerator, you can also do a general cleaning right away. Above all, the drainage system should be cleaned regularly, because there is also a risk of mold!