Remove burnt-in dirt on the iron

Ironing does not always go as smoothly as desired: If the setting is too hot, textiles can burn, and sometimes dirt can also stick to the soleplate of the iron. This often leads to solids sticking to the chrome or steel surface, which are difficult to remove. What do I do if dirt is burned into the soleplate of the iron?

Burned iron - what to do?

Chrome-plated iron soles in particular are sensitive to scratches, so it is not recommended to use abrasive cleaners or sponges on them. Even steel surfaces can only tolerate a certain amount of mechanical stress: so proceed carefully.

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The burnt-in dirt can also be removed in a gentler way, without scratching or exerting force. These home remedies are ideal for removing dirt:

Clean the iron with candle wax and a cloth

One possibility is to wrap a leftover candle in a clean dry cloth, set the iron to medium heat and rub the cloth over the dirty sole. In this way, burnt-in textile residues and stubborn dirt can be removed relatively easily.

Remove limescale with vinegar

Limescale has collected under the iron and burned on from the heat? This means that the device can no longer be used, because the stains quickly burn into the textiles. The soleplate can be cleaned again with a simple trick:

  • Soak kitchen paper in vinegar essence
  • Place the paper on a spread out drying cloth
  • Place the soleplate on it
  • let absorb
  • Wipe the sole with a damp cloth
  • Rinse with clean water

The acidic vinegar dissolves the alkaline lime through a chemical reaction so that it can be removed more easily after the exposure time. If stubborn residue persists, repeat the procedure a few times.

Fine steel wool for the soleplate of the iron?

If all the gentle household remedies do not help, then the only option is fine steel wool for cleaning the iron. Some ironing enthusiasts report positive experiences with this cleaning method, but the risk of scratches is definitely there.

Tips & Tricks If your iron produces brown stains, it is likely that you need to decalcify it thoroughly, either with a special decalcifying agent or with citric acid.