Disgust Video: Daniela Katzenberger chokes the Corona Test

Daniela Katzenberger had to do a corona test this week. Unfortunately, it was all other than easy for you. On Instagram she shares a video of it with her fans.

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Video by Esther Pistorius

Daniela Katzenberger (34) had to undergo the one or the other corona test. Your last test was everything other than pleasant for the cult blonde.
On Instagram the cat posts a video in which she holds the moment of the test. You can see how a medical worker in protective clothing introduces a test stick to Danni in a parking lot. First the nose is on - and even that is almost unbearable for the blonde.
Daniela grimaces and begs: "Please don't!"The specialist replies: " It's very quick. Are you so scared of it?"
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Daniela explains that for her it feels like the stick is wandering into her brain. The specialist then tries to calm Daniela down.

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First in the nose, then in the mouth

As if this experience wasn't bad enough for Daniela, the lady would like to insert the chopsticks into her throat. Daniela is horrified that the same chopstick is used for this. "But there is a booger on it," she says, irritated.
Her husband Lucas Cordalis (53) encourages her from the background and tells her to just do it very quickly. The lady also remains relatively unimpressed by Daniela's statements and continues the test.
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