Enterococci in drinking water - how dangerous is that?

Enterococci are among the human colon germs, but can also trigger heavy infections. Which diseases can threaten here, where the limit values for enterococci are in drinking water, and what biological properties you have is explained in this post.

Natural bowel

The two trunks E. Faecialis and E. Faecium occurs in natural human intestinal flora. They help there when decomposing and converting the dining area. The trunks E. Durans and E.Casseliflavus can also be found in humans occasionally. Enterococci can be found in the intestines of most warmbloodies.

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But they are also responsible for fermentation processes. They occasionally occasionally occur in cheese, as well as in raw sausage. You can not occur in drinking water.

Pick-making effect of enterococci

Tribes of E. Faecialis and E. Faecium can trigger heavy infections on other parts of the body. These infections are difficult to treat and address only a few antibiotics, usually on ampicillin and amoxicillin. Against penicillins and cephalosporins are the most coke species resistant.

The diseases that can be caused by enterococci are heartbag inflections, severe urinary tract infections and in some cases also a sepsis (blood poisoning).

They are mainly responsible for heartbag inflections, sepsis and urinary tract infections. Most Kokken are resistant to penicillins, not against amoxicylline and ampicillin.

Drinking water regulation

The drinking water regulation provides a limit of 0/100 ml in tap water and from 0/250 ml for water in closed containers.

This means that no bacteria may be detected on 100 ml of tap water, with bottle water, an amount of 250 ml must be checked.

Enterococci does not multiply in the water, but only in the human body. Like most kokkenarten, they do not form a verifiable colonies, but are predominantly arranged in pairs or in strands arranged.

Drinking water pollution with enterococci indicates an impurity of drinking water with feces already lying for a long time.

Tips & Tricks Enterococci are also found as inactive germs in probiotic food. They should support the human intestinal flora.