How to remove the exhaust air from the bathroom without a window

The bathroom must be ventilated regularly, otherwise mold will form. But not all bathrooms have a window. A ventilation system is necessary so that the moist air and the musty smell can still escape.

Ventilation of the windowless bathroom

The ventilation of windowless bathrooms is implemented in different ways. In old buildings, for example, there is often a central shaft to which the bathroom is connected. You can tell if this is the case in your house by hearing the residents below your apartment talking (or singing) when they are in the bathroom.

If you would like a different type of ventilation, you can retrofit an exhaust air system. They are available for bathrooms on outside walls, but also for inside bathrooms. If the installation of a ventilation system is not possible, ventilation via draft or the use of a dehumidifier remains.

Decentralized ventilation system

If the bathroom is located directly on an outside wall, the solution is the decentralized ventilation system. It is easy to assemble. All you need is a hole, or. a wall opening in the outer wall. No exhaust pipes are installed. Then mount the ventilation system.

When buying, make sure that you choose a device with heat recovery. This device extracts heat from the exhaust air and warms up the fresh air again. This saves you heating costs.

Central exhaust system

The central exhaust system leads the air outside via the ventilation shaft or pipes. It can also be installed at a later date. However, this ventilation does not supply fresh air. The door must therefore be provided with ventilation slots so that fresh air can get into the bathroom.


One way to ventilate the bathroom without a ventilation system is through a draft. To do this, you open the bathroom door, the window in the adjoining rooms, or. a window and the front door. Close the doors to other rooms so that the water vapor does not spread everywhere.


There are different types of dehumidifiers. Electric dehumidifiers remove moisture from the air and collect it in a tank that has to be emptied regularly. But there are also chemical dehumidifiers that draw in moisture with the help of special granules. They have the advantage that they cannot be heard and that they do not consume any electricity. However, they need to be replaced every few months.