How to remove adhesive residue from the fly screen on the window frame

Occasionally one is faced with the problem of having to remove the adhesive residue that a fly screen leaves on the window frame, be it because you move out or because the old adhesive strip no longer holds. We reveal here how it works well.

How was the fly screen installed??

Fly screens are usually attached to the window frame with Velcro tape from the inside, at least the Velcro tape is supplied with the purchase. With the Velcro tape that is supplied with the fly screen, it often happens after a few years that the adhesive strip on the back becomes hard and no longer holds in places. Then mosquitoes come in through the cracks. The tape has to be reattached, but the old glue has to be removed from the window frame first.

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Some people do it temporarily and stick the mosquito net with double-sided adhesive tape. There are different removal options and home remedies for both types of adhesive.

Paint thinner

Paint thinner softens adhesive residue very well. You simply brush the adhesive residue with it, use a credit card or other thin plastic piece to push the adhesive off the frame and then rub it off with a cloth. But be careful: You should only use this method for plastic windows. With a wooden window, you may damage the surface because the thinner attacks the paint or glaze.

nail polish remover

With nail polish remover you not only get polish off your nails, glue residues on the window can also be easily removed. First remove thick residues with a credit card and remove the last streaks with a cloth. This method is also only suitable for plastic windows.

Mild stain spray

If you are dealing with a wooden window, you have to be more careful when removing the adhesive residue so as not to damage the surface. It is best to try a mild stain spray with gall soap. The wooden frame tolerates this substance quite well. But only spray the affected areas.


With WD-40 you not only detach rusty metal parts from each other, you can also use it to gently remove stains. This agent is also suitable for wooden windows.

With the hair dryer against double-sided tape

Double-sided tape holds up pretty well once it really sticks. Small pieces tear off once you try to peel it off, so this method won't do anything. You should therefore heat the tape with a hair dryer beforehand. The air is warm enough to soften the tape, but it won't damage the window frame. Proceed in sections: you heat a small part, peel off the adhesive tape there, heat up a piece again, etc.

The rest, which sticks more strongly to the frame, you remove with nail polish or stain spray and the credit card, or. with a rag.

Tips & Tricks Always use a credit card or a plastic spatula for rough removal, never a screwdriver or other metal object. This will scratch the window frame. In addition, the adhesive residues should be well loosened and such hard methods should no longer be necessary afterwards.