Renew Window Fugues in 3 Steps

Window joints age and dry out. Then the window joints are no longer completely tight and should be renewed. With patience and care, this is quite simple in three steps. The costs are also in the context.

Renew joints - save heating costs

Even damage to the joints, which are barely visible, let already escape precious heating air. The renewal of the window joints costs only a fraction of what the homeowner heats up to the window.

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Remove window silicone

First, the old silicone must be scraped out of the window joint. The best man succeeds with a slotted screwdriver, which has exactly the same width, like the old fugue. Nevertheless, very carefully worked so that the disc or the frame is not scratched.

Step by step

  • silicone
  • Dinner and lukewarm water
  • Silicone gun
  • Plastic clothel
  • Old towels or rag
  • Slot screwdriver

1. Remove sealing material

The old silicone or possibly even old window kite must be completely removed and clean. Take time and do not rush, so the slices remain free of scratches.

2. Silicone inject

The silicone is pressed into the clean joints with a silicoist. If you prefer only a little bit from the grommet, otherwise it comes out of the crowd quickly too much. Make sure that enough silicone reaches sufficient silicone in the corners.

3. Peel off silicone

Now you have to remove the silicone with the squeegee. Here is the squeegee decided better than the fingers suitable. Especially outdoors should you make sure that the seal can bind perfectly. With a little water and detergent, they prevent the silicone adhering to the squeegee or on the finger in the pass. But go sparingly with it!

If something from the silicone to the disk, you should also remove it immediately. This is usually very good with a straight side of the plastic scope.

Vermin and flying are very happy to be reflected on fresh colors and sealing materials. If you want to prevent such, you should dry the new seals with an old hair dryer.

If possible, but first set the hair dryer in half the strength and do not go too close to the silicone. Because it should not dry too fast, as it can then crack.