How to replace the wooden façade through other materials

If the wooden façade has become redeveloped, the newly painting is not always worthwhile. The crafts' costs for painting including all preparatory work are hardly cheaper than a complete renewal of the facade. Wood can be replaced by other materials.

Plaster instead of wood

Cleaning facades are particularly popular as they are favorable and only about every ten years need to be renewed. At the latest at this age, the plaster begins to be brittle and crumbly. As with the wood façade, the stresses through weathering and environmental influences in fine cracks and other damage can also be shown on the plaster in fine cracks and other damage even before the usual renovation intervals. Crafted builders can create a simple plaster itself and save the costs of a specialist company.

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Cleaning systems for the outer wall

  • Mineral plaster
  • Silicate
  • Resin plaster
  • Mosaic plaster

Removal of the old wooden facade

Decide against a renovation of the old wooden façade, you have to remove these and dispose of them. Depending on the size of the disguised surface, you need one or more disposal containers. Most disposal operations require a fee for accepting old wood.

If the façade is designed instead of a wooden cladding with an outdoor plaster, the walls must be prepared accordingly. After removing the wood panel, remove all dowels remaining in the masonry and fill all holes. The walls must be flat and smooth as possible.

Exchange or combination

After the disposal of the old wooden façade, the new wood paneling can be mounted if the underground has remained intact. If no insulation has been installed under the old facade, you will pick up this as required in the context of new clothing.

You can also combine both methods on the façade. Many houses have a wooden shutter in the upper area and are covered in the lower part with a plaster system or other materials. Here you have a great design room.

Tips & Tricks Wood requires special protection against environmental influences. The UV radiation of the sun engages the lignin in the wood. It dissolves under the sun's influence of the wooden cellulose and then sweated away from the rain. Wood protection products help to preserve the stable wood properties.