Eating in Dubai: 5 tips to feast and be amazed

Spicy hummus, sweet dates and fragrant mocha - eating in Dubai is an experience for the senses and definitely worth a trip. Here are five tips for a culinary enjoyment program!

As a global trading metropolis, Dubai brings the whole world together - and you can taste it too. The creative fusion cuisine combines the best flavors from India, Egypt, Yemen, Iran and Lebanon. Here you can find out where and how you can best eat in Dubai.

1. Culture goes through the stomach

At the Sheikh Mohammed Center for Cultural Understanding (SMCCU) you can visit the Cultural lunch try a traditional 3-course meal in Arabic. Here you sit comfortably on the floor on colorful pillows, with the colorful dishes at your feet - a "battlefield " that you can move closer to, according to the host's invitation. And as a guest you don't say no to dinner in Dubai.

First of all, as a welcome juicy dates and aromatic coffee. The typical mocha is much lighter than in this country and deliciously seasoned with fragrant saffron, sweet cardamom and a splash of rose water - you can easily do without sugar.
Because the little ones Mocha cups without handles come along, they are always only half filled. After all, nobody should burn their fingers on hot coffee. If you want a second look, hold out your hand with the cup. Otherwise you just keep the edge - just like with us in the brewery.

After this appetizer, the saffron rice served on large bowls comes right on call. Refined with spicy cumin, sweet cinnamon and raisins the whole thing is a real taste explosion and even surprisingly mild.
Traditionally, people eat by hand. This works very well with sticky rice, with chicken or vegetable curry with plenty of sauce


rather less. Of course, you can also eat with a knife and fork, the main thing is that you share the food from a bowl. In doing so, you fraternize with strangers, friends and enemies and even lose weight because you automatically eat less. That's the theory.

Don't forget a place for dessert! Lequaimat are the golden yellow dough balls that are reminiscent of donuts. Sprinkled with sesame seeds and poured over with delicious date syrup, the round balls with cardamom and saffron are a real treat. This will be Green tea is enough, this time not stinging with sugar.
Incidentally, the elders among you can rejoice, because when you eat in Dubai you will always be served first. This custom has a long tradition here and is a sign that one unconditionally follows the ancients in everyday life.

2. Arabic antipasti for everyone

The Arabian Teahouse Dubai's beautiful old town is also worth a visit. It's best to get there as early as possible, as the restaurant is super popular - you can also enjoy an Arabic breakfast until 1:30 p.m. and you shouldn't miss it!

Small bowls with Middle Eastern antipasti invite you to feast and share. In addition to creamy hummus, grilled halloumi, crispy falafel and wafer-thin tandoori bread, you should also try specialties like Mutabbal try - a spicy eggplant paste with sesame oil, which is often seasoned with crunchy pomegranate seeds and lime juice. Too hot? Then you can join Labna, a slightly acidic garlic yogurt.

Then it is time to rest first. This is also wonderful in the Arabian Teahouse. You can relax to your heart's content on the large sun terrace with canopy and pretty blue benches. And so the time to Lunch with hearty lamb skewers and spicy acidic rubcula sumac salad.

3. Fragrant Spice Basar

Which is not missing on your culinary safari by Dubai, of course, a detour is to Spice Souk, the big spices market in Deira. Anywhere in the quirky bass floats an exotic scent of incense, cloves, nutmeg and rose petals. The bright colorful spice and herb towers are incidentally a feast for the eyes and can be tasted in the many small stalls.

Here it says then haggling what the stuff holds. With a bit of luck, your delicacies like dried lemons, deep black pepper and full-bodied camel milk chocolate as a souvenir for little money.

4. Innovative fastfood ideas

In a shopping center with huge shark aquarium and ice skating bar hardly wonders that the Fastfood ideas are also especially failed. So you can in the Dubai Mall Not only shop until you drop, but also eat deliciously. If you can find the key to the restaurant


The burger chain By Parker ’s hides large metal keys everywhere in the mall and provides information on the exact location via Snapchat. Only those who have the key are allowed to enter the restaurant. The owner of the key and all of his friends will then have free access to the fast food temple for life. Pretty clever, isn't it?

5. International hotel restaurants

Who in a luxury hotel like that Madinat Jumeirah Hotel On vacation, you don't even have to leave the facility to indulge in culinary delights. It is teeming with gourmet restaurants that serve Italian or French delicacies in addition to Arabic cuisine.

Fresh fish and salty seafood are high on the menu. in the Rockfish restaurant you can feast your way from the tender octopus carpaccio to juicy tuna tartare to sea bass in a salt crust. The fish is freed from its savory prison live by the waiter at the table and filleted in front of your eyes. The consistency is almost reminiscent of chicken and does not need any extra seasoning - probably the famous exception when eating in Dubai.

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