Extensive green roofs - costs for the green eco-hood

The extensive green roof consists of low perennials, the underlying green system is about 6 to 20 cm high. Such a green roof causes less costs than intensive green roofs, the structures of which can be up to 40 cm high.

Extensive green roofs: costs for material and labor

As a rule, there is no requirement for a permit for extensive green roofs that can be walked on exclusively for plant care, so there are no fees in this area.

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The materials for an extensive green roof are generally cheaper than for an intensive green roof with large shrubs and grasses. Expect material costs of around 30 to 40 EUR per square meter including plants.

The price includes a root protection film worth approx. 4 to 9 EUR per square meter. A protective and storage fleece is laid over this, which costs around EUR 2 to 4 per square meter.

The water storage system and drainage are priced at around 10 EUR per square meter, the substrate costs another 10 EUR. The perennials for your extensive green roof will cost you - depending on your requirements - around 4 to 10 EUR per square meter.

Added to this is the wages for the specialist who puts on the green roof. For an 18 square meter garage, the installation costs are around EUR 400.

Example: greening a garage roof

A garage owner would like to provide his single garage with extensive green roofs. The cost of the 22 sqm roof area are made up of material and wages.

Cost overview price
1. Materials for extensive roof greening 594 EUR
2. plants 132 EUR
3. Wages 420 EUR
total 1.146 EUR

Apply for grants

Inquire with your municipality, whether there are financial funding opportunities for the ecologically valuable measure of extensive roof greening. You may receive subsidies or your sewage fees are lowered. The KfW may also grant you a low-interest credit.

Tips & Tricks Take sure your roof can carry the heavy load of a roof greening, and let the construction check through a structural engineer!