Professionally laid herringbone parquet is worth the cost

In most cases, herringbone parquet is laid and glued rod by rod. This is also the case with two or three parallel laying of the individual bars. The costs consist of the material, the laying itself and the sanding and sealing of the new herringbone parquet.

Craftsmanship and type of material

Effort and laying depend heavily on the type of wood used and the sorting. In the case of subtle textures and lighter woods such as ash or beech, almost every sorting can be relocated at random according to the unpacking sequence.

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Trees with more pronounced textures or high-contrast color differences must be put together according to optical criteria in order to create a harmonious and coherent overall picture. Accordingly, labor, time and cost increase.

With the highest demands on the decorative effect of precious woods, the combination of the individual wooden sticks can become an artistic puzzle with creative demands. Experienced parquet layers with visual expertise and an aesthetic sense develop real craftsmanship in the design.

The material costs for herringbone parquet are in the price range between thirty and eighty euros. Normally, untreated wooden rods are used, which are sanded and sealed after laying and the glue has dried out. Flat rate offers usually include laying, sanding and sealing, including the glue, varnish or wood oil and, if necessary, a primer for the parquet varnish and a wood wax.

Twenty square meters of natural oak

Oak is a classic wood for herringbone parquet. You can calculate the average material costs at around 35 euros per square meter.

For the costs, a ready-to-lay, dryer and level surface is assumed. Complete prices are usually ten to 15 percent below the individually estimated costs.

  • 1. Natural oak parquet strips: 700 euros (20 square meters x 35 euros)
  • 2. Parquet adhesive: 60 euros (20 square meters x 3 euros)
  • 3. Laying herringbone parquet: 400 (20 square meters x 20 euros)
  • 1. Sanding and painting of herringbone parquet: 500 euros (20 square meters x 25 euros) or
  • 2. Sanding and oiling of herringbone parquet: 600 euros (20 square meters x 30 euros)
  • 3. Attach skirting boards & transition rails: 72 euros (18 running meters). x 4 euros)
  • 4th. Intermediate and final cleaning: 90 euros
  • Total price: 1822-1922 euros

How can costs be saved??

The attachment of the skirting boards, transition rails and the final cleaning can easily be done by yourself and save paid working time.

Tips & Tricks When you have decided on a type of sealing, let us make you a package deal. Then the parquet layer takes on the risk of delays and the costs are usually lower.