Cycling with a skirt or a dress: You have to know THIS ingenious trick!

Ride a bike in a dress or skirt without the risk of embarrassing exposure? You can do this with the penny-in-your-pants trick! We'll tell you what it's all about.

Cycling keeps us fit, saves our wallet and also avoids the annoying search for a parking space in the city. We are also doing something for the environment by leaving the car behind and getting on the saddle instead.
But there are moments when we prefer to leave the bike behind and switch to the car or train. Namely when we wear an outfit that is not suitable for bicycles, i.e. a short skirt or a dress.

The bike rock problem

It's a real problem for women, and it's also a really annoying one: if you ride your bike in a short skirt or dress, a gust of wind is enough and you sit half-naked on the saddle. The rest of the journey is desperately busy holding the dress in panic or pulling the hem down. Because we'd really like to keep the color of our underpants to ourselves.

In addition, the flapping fabric can easily get caught in the wheels or pedals. In the worst case, we end up in the next ditch or risk an accident because we are simply distracted in the delusion of keeping our skirt in place.
But what should you do if you want to do all those pretty dresses and skirts in summer, but still want to ride your bike? Is it really impossible to ride a bike in a skirt and dress?? Simple answer: no!

With this trick you can easily ride a bike in a skirt and dress

There is a very simple trick that can make cycling in these clothes a lot easier from now on. All you need for this trick is a coin and a hair tie. The penny-in-your-pants trick works best with loose, fluttering garments with a percentage of stretch.

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Penny-in-your-pants trick: explained step by step

1. Push the coin (it is best to use a one or two euro coin) against the fabric from behind between your legs and bring it forward until you reach the front of the fabric.
2. Now tie the hair elastic around the coin from above, so that a kind of knot is created. The coin prevents the fabric from slipping through the rubber.
3. The knot transforms your skirt or dress into comfortable pants that are suitable for cycling.

Here in the video you can see how the trick works:


Fluffy and long skirts and dresses can not only blow up, they can also get caught in the stores. On the one hand, this is super annoying because the fabric is usually dirty, and on the other hand, in this case you can quickly lie on your nose.

But don't worry, tangling in the pedals or wheels can be prevented - also with a rubber band. Simply gather up the excess fabric from the garment and tie it together like a bun. You may have a ball between your legs while cycling, but safety comes first!