Rush of colors: How should I paint my plinth plaster?

The base plaster has been applied and dried, now all that's missing is the paint. But the decision for a certain color is not so easy: should the base be about the same color as the rest of the outer wall? Or would you prefer to set it off in color and thus create a beautiful color harmony or an exciting contrast? Look out with us for the most beautiful base colors!

Delicate harmony for the sensitive

Let's assume you want to paint your base plaster in a color that harmonizes as best as possible with the rest of the facade. You have the choice to choose the tone a little lighter or darker than the rest of the wall, or to stay in the same brightness level.

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We have put together some color combinations for you to serve as inspiration. So activate your imagination now and paint out the most beautiful shades!

Color of the house wall Color of the base
White Light gray
Rose cream
Light Blue Azure blue
Light gray anthracite
Sun yellow orange
Light green Light eggshell tone
orange Dark red
terracotta Sand color
Ocher yellow Light gray
Lilac tone Snow white

In this context, you should of course note that the dirt can be seen much better on a light base color. That alone does not constitute an exclusion criterion: Simply use a washable paint with a lotus effect!

Set colored accents on the base

They like bright effects and bright colors? Then you should paint your base plaster accordingly so that everyone can see it from a distance. We recommend keeping the rest of the wall surface rather neutral so that the overall impression doesn't get too chaotic.

In the following we present a couple of beautiful bright effect colors for your base plaster, which can be wonderfully combined with a white, cream-colored or light gray house, for example:

  • Bordeau red
  • Cyan blue
  • Bright yellow
  • pink
  • Poison green
  • Primary red
  • Strong purple
  • Bright orange

Why not go completely out of the box? Perhaps you would like to pick up the bright color somewhere else on your house, this creates a homogeneous overall picture. You can also paint the front door, the garden fence and the window frames in this color to match your plinth plaster.

Tips & Tricks Color a black and white photo of your house in the selected colors, either directly on the PC or on printed paper. So you have help at hand to make your decision easier.