Designing a facade: tempting alternatives to plaster

There are plastered facades like the proverbial sand on the sea, and even if they can look nice, it is worth taking a look at the alternatives. Because the various traditional and modern facade materials really have it all! Join us on a fascinating journey through the most beautiful design materials that the market has to offer.

An overview of the most beautiful facade materials

Slate cladding

The slate is considered a real traditional material, and our ancestors knew exactly what they were doing: The layered rock simply looks wonderfully chic, has an excellent ecological balance, is open to diffusion, hardly pollutes and impresses with its long durability.

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Sheath made of wood

Back to the Roots: For a long time wood was the building material par excellence, industrialization changed this. But now we are gradually returning to the natural, durable and vapor-permeable material that gives every facade a special charm.

Corten steel cover

Corten steel has been one of the trendsetters of recent years: The steel is delivered bare and its surface gradually oxidizes to a deep reddish brown. This layer protects the material from the effects of the weather and makes it extremely durable. A chic industrial design is created!

Clinker and natural stone

Clinker bricks and natural stones, which are an exciting alternative to plaster, are considered aesthetic evergreens. They give the facade a rustic look, clearly structured and durable. This cladding does not require a lot of care.

Modern high pressure laminate

High-pressure laminate panels, which can be printed with every imaginable motif, offer enormous optical design freedom. Their surface is extremely hard and impact-resistant, and they can withstand weathering for many years. A true work of art is created!

Corrugated iron cladding

Sheet metal can be designed three-dimensionally in a variety of ways so that it can look really grandiose in the end! A corrugated iron facade promises visual excitement and high weather resistance. It can be designed both vertically and horizontally - or a combination of both.

Tips & Tricks They love sunlight? More and more modern private homes score with a beautiful glass facade, as airy and light as if the sun lived in the house.