Mixing the facade paint: How does it work best?

You have chosen the shade of your choice for your facade, but there is no one to buy anywhere? Fortunately, colors can be mixed wonderfully, so that in the end exactly the right shade is created. This works on a small scale as well as on a large scale, in a water-paint box as well as in a 20-liter bucket. And you don't even have to do it yourself!

Have the right facade paint mixed

We recommend that you simply have the right facade paint mixed at a paint specialist or hardware store. Most of these shops have their own color mixing machine that automatically generates each shade of the RAL card. That saves you a lot of time and effort!

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In the case of large areas in particular, the problem often arises that it is not possible to mix as much paint at once as is required in total. When tinting by hand, there are often color differences that may only be slight, but are still visible in bright sunlight.

Exactly this problem can be perfectly avoided with mechanical mixing, because every batch delivered looks the same in this case. So, for a comparatively small fee, you turn off a major risk.

This is how you mix your facade paint yourself

Of course, nobody can prevent you from mixing your facade paint yourself. These reasons speak in favor of picking up the whisk and tinting paint and doing it yourself:

  • it is only a matter of small areas anyway
  • You want to save as much money as possible
  • There is no color mixing machine near you
  • Your color is not on the RAL card
  • They just enjoy it

Regardless of why you become active yourself at this point: Be sure to get a drill (€ 48.00 at Amazon *) nquirl, because larger amounts of paint are very difficult to mix homogeneously by hand.

In addition, carry out small test coats regularly while you gradually approach the color of your choice. Blow dry the paint samples with the hair dryer, because the actual color can only be assessed when dry.

Tips & Tricks If you mix your facade paints manually, you should always produce enough paint to cover one side of the house or a clearly defined area. This makes color differences less noticeable. Remember the portioning very carefully for re-mixing!