Be lazy and still do more? Why doing nothing is totally productive

We can really do more when we are lazy? Psychologists say yes! We got to the bottom of the matter and can already reveal: Lazy people will love this article!

Blissful idleness is something wonderful. But if you do nothing all the time, you can quickly feel guilty about it. He thinks of everything that gets left lying around every day, of the bugs under the bed and the contract with the fitness studio, the coffee with the girlfriend who is still outstanding and of unironed laundry or unshaven lower legs. It is almost no longer fun to lie idly on the couch. The fun is completely spoiled - by yourself!

But that will change from now on! Because we say: being lazy is absolutely productive and important. Lie down and relax, and you will achieve more than you think - even if this thought may not fit into our society under pressure to perform. After all, one generally thinks: With a lot of effort, you can achieve a lot.

Being lazy makes you creative

The fact is: Those who lazy away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life can let their thoughts wander and come up with completely different ideas than people who are constantly doing their rounds on the hamster wheel.
Anyone who takes a break is much more creative than someone who has tossed around bluntly and got used to routine and automatisms without questioning them too much.

The blessed lazy has finally come to terms with himself, without the distraction via smartphone or to-do lists, television and hectic rush. In this way, he gains an unexpectedly clear view of things, can make decisions much better - and that in turn pays off. And with this creative way of thinking, he definitely overtakes his hard-working colleague in the hamster wheel.

Being lazy gets us going

Second positive effect: If you don't do anything, you feel better physically, you get strength and energy for all your activities. Because afterwards you are all the more productive, because being lazy has a positive influence on our blood pressure, our blood circulation and our immune system. Stress is reduced and we replenish our energy stores. And with the newly gained strength, we can easily make up the few hours of laziness and feel twice as good. A win-win situation, so to speak.

So don't let yourself feel guilty on your next couch potato evening - neither from yourself nor from others. Relaxing and letting your mind wander is absolutely good and important. And even if it (as absurd as it sounds) is at first quite difficult to get up to do nothing, at some point you will learn to switch off again, to listen to yourselves and also to feel comfortable with doing nothing. So: be really lazy again, please!

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