Polished porcelain stoneware: shine and elegance

Porcelain stoneware is a tile material that is not only very high quality, but also looks particularly elegant in its polished version. Read here what else there is to know about polished porcelain stoneware tiles.

Porcelain stoneware: polished with a special shine

Conventionally produced porcelain stoneware can still be polished after the manufacturing process. The surface is sanded off around half a millimeter to create a beautiful shine.

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In contrast to unpolished stoneware, the surface is then no longer tightly closed - dirt can later easily settle in the opened microcapillaries, which is often difficult to remove. It is therefore always advisable to seal the polished porcelain stoneware.

Sealing with silane-siloxane polymers can, in turn, significantly reduce the slip resistance of the porcelain stoneware tiles or slabs, and organic dirt, such as the soles of shoes, can then easily settle on the slabs, and strong solvents must be used when cleaning. which in turn damage the seal.

The care required for polished porcelain stoneware can therefore possibly be higher than for other unglazed tiles. In return, however, the look is often much more elegant and of higher quality.

However, all other properties of porcelain stoneware are retained

  • the extreme hardness
  • the high resistance to mechanical loads
  • the decades of durability
  • the frost protection

In terms of price, polished porcelain stoneware tiles and slabs are often slightly more expensive than the unpolished variants, but in many cases the difference in cost is small. The quality of the tile and the manufacturer play a much more important role in the price. Even unusual designs are usually very expensive.

As with all other types of tiles, there is also a large selection of polished porcelain stoneware in the classic tile trade - for example at companies such as fliesen24.com or tile box.com - in hardware stores, the selection is usually rather limited.

So you can save costs

Sometimes you can save quite a bit of costs if you do without a solid manufacturer name and instead use porcelain stoneware from lesser-known manufacturers, which can then often have the same quality at a significantly lower price.

Tips & Tricks With all floor tiles you should keep an eye on the abrasion resistance and slip resistance class - these are the essential quality criteria for which there are also standards. However, as already mentioned, sealing always reduces the slip resistance a little, you have to keep that in mind.