rework the window

The reconditioning of the windows is one of the regularly recurring maintenance work. However, there are different window materials and thus differences in processing. Below you will find useful information to quickly and professionally refurbish your windows.

Windows made from different materials

Windows are an integral part of every building. But the materials from which the windows are made differ significantly:

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  • Plastic windows
  • Wooden window
  • Metal windows (especially light metal windows)
  • Windows made from combined materials

Refurbish wooden windows

If you want to refurbish a window, you must of course consider these considerable differences. The wooden window needs the most attention. It's also the most exclusive window. If you want to refurbish a wooden window, old paints and varnishes usually have to be removed first. Depending on the window, you can paint or lye the window.

It is important to paint or varnish when working on the subsequent wooden window: inside you must use wood preservatives that are not hazardous to health. Outside, wood protection products have to withstand the effects of the weather, but also pests (vegetable, animal). This also results in the requirement that paints and varnishes must be permeable from the inside to the outside (in relation to the wood).

Refurbish metal windows

In the case of metal windows, which are rarely found in private surroundings, rust protection comes first. First of all, the window must be stripped of paint and sanded. An anti-rust primer is then applied before the final coat of paint is applied. You still have to differentiate between water-based and solvent-based paints, which also means differences in processing. Also note the specifics of galvanized metal.

Refurbish plastic windows

Plastic windows are probably the most popular windows. Modern plastics offer excellent UV protection, so they become significantly less porous or fade. However, plastic windows also require care and maintenance. You can of course also paint plastic windows, but you have to consider the special features of the plastic, which in turn are reflected in the requirements for the paint.

Tips & Tricks If you want to refurbish your windows on a regular basis, it doesn't just include the windows. The window reveal and the window sills also require attention. Among other things, we will show you how to seal a window sill or plaster a window reveal.