Secure windows with shutters - that makes sense?

Burglary protection for windows is important. Anyone who wants roller shutters on their windows anyway often asks themselves whether roller shutters are suitable as burglary protection. Read here whether windows can actually be made burglar-proof with roller shutters and what to look out for.

Burglar-resistant roller shutters?

In principle, roller shutters are not burglar-resistant from the outset. Many assume that the roller shutters provide protection against burglary, but that is not the case.

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Only special burglar-resistant roller shutters, which are then also tested in accordance with DIN, fulfill this purpose.. However, they are also not sufficient as the sole protection. The windows must also have the appropriate protection class.

Problems with conventional roller shutters


Conventional roller shutters have the problem that they can easily be pushed up from the outside if necessary.

This is only slightly possible with electrically operated roller shutters because the motor blocks it from being pushed up. However, they can still be easily pulled out of the side guides after being pushed up briefly and thus easily overcome by a burglar.

Guide rails not stable

With most roller shutters, the side guide rails are not stable enough without special anti-burglary protection. It is therefore very easy for a burglar to pull the roller shutter out of the lateral guide regardless of the roller shutter material.

Break-in time

Burglaries often take place at dusk or even during the day. At these times, roller shutters are usually not down and therefore no effective protection.

This also applies to burglar-resistant roller shutters. Protection by the roller shutter only exists there if the roller shutter is actually lowered and locked in place.

Resistance classes for roller shutters

DIN 1627, which also defines the resistance classes for windows, extends this classification to roller shutters. After the DIN test, the same resistance classes from RC 1 to RC 6 apply to them as to windows.

Certification bodies

Burglar-resistant roller shutters are only certified by three institutes in Germany:

  • of ift Rosenheim GmbH
  • of PfB GmbH & Co KG
  • the VdS damage prevention office


Burglar-resistant roller shutters must be installed properly. As a buyer you should definitely have the installation carried out by a specialist company. In addition, once the installation has been completed, you should have a so-called assembly certificate handed over to you by the specialist company. This ensures that the installation has been carried out correctly. Only then can a roller shutter meet the burglar resistance class for which it is designed.

Recommended protection classes

If a burglar-resistant roller shutter is used, you should definitely use at least protection class RC 2. In the case of special circumstances and good accessibility of the windows or in the case of remote buildings and non-visible properties, higher protection classes are advisable.

No substitute for window lock

Even if a burglar-resistant roller shutter with a high protection class is used, a corresponding protection class for the window must never be dispensed with. Ideally, roller shutters and windows should have the same protection class.