Retrofitting windows - what to look out for?

Security for windows and doors has become extremely important. If you do not plan to completely replace windows with windows with a higher security class, you can also retrofit your windows. However, there are a few things to consider. Read more here.

Necessity of window security

In over 80 percent of cases, burglars enter the house through windows or patio doors. This makes it clear how important it is to secure windows. In DIN EN 1627, resistance classes are therefore bindingly defined for windows, which are based on the perpetrator profiles and the perpetrators' procedures as well as the usual weak points of windows.

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The resistance class indicates what kind of perpetrators with which tool is stopped by the window, and for which period. The statistics show if the perpetrator is stopped long enough, he aborts the burglary test as a rule.

Window are startled in most cases. Only in a few cases, the perpetrators hit the slice a small piece and unlock the window over the window lever. Burglary inhibiting glazing makes this project impossible.

Security class determine when your own window

If the window according to DIN EN 1627 is certified for a specific resistance class, this is usually shown. In most cases one knows as a homeowner then the respective security class.

In individual cases, however, it can also happen that you have an untested window that is nevertheless structurally identical to a security class in terms of its design features. Untested RC 2 windows are often on the market.

You can recognize them by the following features (all features must be present)

  • Mushroom pin fittings (must be tested and installed in accordance with DIN 18104!)
  • Burglar-resistant glazing according to DIN EN 356, class P4A
  • lockable 100 Nm window handle (corresponds to class FG-S-1)

If these features are present, it is an unchecked RC 2 window. If only the burglar-resistant glazing is missing, it is an untested window of class RC 2 N (N for normal glazing)

Sensible measures for retrofitting

In the case of windows that do not correspond to any security class (neither tested nor untested), it is absolutely advisable to retrofit the window. The retrofitting measures should be designed in such a way that they make the most important procedures of the perpetrators impossible or make it very difficult.

The most important measures are:

  • Secure fittings against being pried open
  • Mount lockable window handles
  • Make the glazing burglar-resistant

The fittings can be secured against being pried open by means of so-called screw-on locks or by means of mushroom cams. Both retrofit fuses must be DIN 18104 certified!

Retrofitting lockable window handles is usually not a problem, but the window handles used must absolutely comply with DIN 18267 and meet the requirements of resistance class FG-S-1.

Special security foils can be used to protect the glazing. These films are commercially available. They must be certified according to DIN EN 356.

Saving the Glass Helps or Retrofitting a Gear Panel Protection are also additional measures that you can meet.