Cleaning windows - made easy

There are numerous methods of cleaning windows. But there are more home remedies that don't all work. Here we show an overview of the best and easiest methods to make the windows shine.

A quick helper for in between

Glass cleaner is often frowned upon by real housewives. But as a quick helper for a small window or a stain, glass cleaner is simply unbeatable. However, it should not be used constantly to clean the windows.

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Above all, on the outside of the window there can be small, scratching dirt particles such as sand, which can scratch the pane with this almost dry cleaning method.

Home remedies

With the usual home remedies, the windows on the ground floor can be cleaned quickly and easily, both inside and outside. However, the number of windows that can be created with it is somewhat limited.

Most home remedies have come a little into the years and have lost their permission at least when brushing the window. Some damage even more than they really help at work.

  • Dishwash and warm water
  • Vinegar water
  • spirit
  • Newsprint
  • Coffee grounds and sodium hydroxide solution
  • Tooth, toilet or dishwasher pitch

Dishwashing liquid

Some dishwashing detergent with warm water is the best of all home remedies. If the old tea towels are stored, the window will glue after drying properly. Dishwashing detergent can, however, too much foaming when added too much into the water.

Therefore, sparingly should be dosed. To prevent streaks and strips after drying, it is best to take a bucket with cold clear water with. Then any detergent residue is washed off with a sponge or a cotton cloth.


Vinegar still has its place today, especially when it comes to rinsing. In areas with hard, calcareous water, streaks can easily appear after window cleaning. Especially when the sun shines through the windows, this light lime film appears on the windows.

All you need to do is add a small dash of vinegar to the cold rinse water to prevent streaks. Cleaning the windows completely with vinegar is not necessary or useful. Like alcohol, vinegar attacks the skin, so rubber gloves should be worn.


Alcohol is one of the home remedies that are completely obsolete today. The pungent smell is only the slightest problem, alcohol attacks the seals and the silicone of the window. The frame is damaged and worn out.


Depending on which newspaper is used, scratches can even appear on the window. Even with the very small panes of a wood-burning stove, you can already see fine sanding marks after treatment with this home remedy.

Black or gray veils appear on the window frame due to the printing ink. Of course, your hands are also dirty from printer's ink after cleaning the windows. Therefore, this home remedy has now earned a place in the history books, but not on the windows.

Coffee grounds and caustic soda

In the relevant guides with household tips you can find the means of coffee grounds and caustic soda for the windows. The coffee grounds make ugly stains on older white window frames and caustic soda is completely obsolete anyway. This should not be found in any household that also has children.

Tooth, toilet or dishwasher tabs

These tabs are often traded as insider tips. Caution is required before inhalation when the tabs dissolve. Similar to the chlorine tablets for the swimming pool, these tabs do not exude poisonous gases that are not exactly good to the lungs and the respiratory tract.

On the locations for which such tabs have been designed, they are perfectly fine and do their service. But they should not be misappropriated because they have no special effect when cleaning the window. This method is far too expensive.

Steam cleaner

In principle, there are three different systems that are helpful for the window cleaning with steam. The only problem is the heating time. Depending on how many windows should be cleaned, the water tank of the device must be selected large.

A big advantage is all steam units together, no cleaner is needed. Usually not even a cleaning agent should be added.

  • Steam duck
  • Window vac
  • Steam cleaner / floor unit

Steam duck

The steam duck is particularly useful if you want to clean old windows with a slight moss infestation at the joints in the shed or garage. In the meantime, there are also attachments with a microfiber cover that enable this device to clean windows quite effectively, but there shouldn't be too many.

The tank is not very large and the device has to cool down before it can be refilled. This should not be taken lightly as it may cause burns if the cold water is poured into the hot device.

Window vac

The small window vacs are basically a further development of the steam ducks, which were originally developed for the bathroom. The hot steam is passed through a microfiber cloth to clean the window. The puller then sucks the water off the pane again. This is particularly easy and quick.

However, it is hard to believe the indication of the areas that can be cleaned with it. After all, the same dirty water is always fed through the same cover.

Steam cleaner

If you want to clean a lot of windows that have as large glass surfaces as possible, a large steam cleaner that you can pull behind you like a cylinder vacuum cleaner is the ideal solution. These devices usually hold around two liters of water and have a lot of accessories.

You can even use it to smooth the curtains. Even winter coats can be steamed out with a special nozzle. Before the joy becomes too great, a steam cleaner is not so well suited for a laminate floor. The laminate can be damaged by the heat in connection with the moisture.

With these devices, it is sometimes best to refill water when they are warm. At least when the container is completely removable. However, the lime tablets and filter inserts have to be replaced from time to time. This makes the individual cleaning with the steam cleaner enormously expensive.

Window cleaning systems

There are innumerable systems for window cleaning. Not all are useful or high quality. As a rule, you can actually trust the well-known brands here. Most of the time, the decision between a microfiber cover or a sponge remains the most important.

Microfiber has the advantage that you can often wash the cover hot without it dissolving immediately. Some sponges harden over time, depending on the material. Other sponges crumble after a very short time and dissolve on the window.

Telescopic handle with window sponge and puller

Higher windows are ideally accessible with a telescopic handle. These usually have a cover made of soft microfiber material and a puller on the back. Both parts should be individually removable.

The squeegee only interferes with cleaning and the wet mop cover or a sponge spills water onto the panes that are being dried with the squeegee.

Articulate and flexible

In addition, when purchasing a flexible joint under the two devices, care should be taken. The angle at which both the sponge and the squeegee are used changes with the height of the window and your own height. Therefore, it should be easy to adjust it with a large wing screw.

Complete systems for the windows

Similar to the simpler telescopic cleaners, which usually also have a puller, the complete systems even work with a wringer for the sponge element. But there are also other cleaning systems that can be connected to the garden hose.

The possibilities are many and the offer is wide, but it is advisable not to listen to promises that are too big. It is not for nothing that the professionals work with rather simple means and simple pullers. The professionals only use a good chamois leather for polishing.

Tips & tricks Whether with higher windows or in the attic. The most important thing is that you take care of your safety. On the one hand, ladders should not be used to clean windows and, on the other hand, you should of course never balance yourself on a window sill.

With telescopic systems or practical complete systems, you can also reach difficult places from a safe place. In any case, skylights should simply be curved inwards to make cleaning easier.