Cleaning windows with home remedies - which ones really work?

There are countless tips and tricks that are repeatedly sold to us as old home remedies, so that the windows can be cleaned faster and easier. But not all home remedies make sense today or even work properly.

Washing-up liquid

Probably the best home remedy is the good old dish detergent. It used to be combined with old cotton towels, today microfiber towels are ideal. A little washing-up liquid in warm water is enough and the windows are completely clean.

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Vinegar still has its place today. Vinegar prevents streaks and streaks on the freshly cleaned windows.

However, vinegar is only necessary if the water is particularly hard, i.e. calcareous. Then you put a little vinegar in the water with which you rinse the windows. When it comes to cleaning the panes themselves, vinegar doesn't do much.


It is often recommended to dry or polish the windows with newspaper. But many newspapers sand more than they actually clean. In addition, white window frames have ugly gray stains from the printing ink.


Spirit probably loosens the dirt from the windows. In the long run, however, the alcohol will also dissolve the rubber seals and silicone. In the case of plastic windows or lacquered wooden window frames, the top layer of lacquer is also damaged and the frame can suck up and hold on to the dirt.

Denture cleaner

Some housewives swear by denture cleaners. To do this, a tablet of denture cleaner is dissolved in warm cleaning water and the windows are then cleaned with it. However, this is a very expensive affair and does not work better than washing up liquid and vinegar water for rinsing.

Tea and coffee

Heavy soiling is to be removed with tea or coffee grounds. Above all, bird droppings should be easy to remove with it. But the effort of rinsing the coffee grounds or old tea from the window later outweighs the work that is made easier.

Tips & Tricks Most home remedies are no longer justified today. Thanks to the new technology that has brought many practical window cleaning systems with telescopic handles onto the market, windows can be cleaned very quickly.These systems or a corresponding microfiber cloth, in conjunction with a little washing-up liquid, clean better and easier than most of the household remedies mentioned above.