Renew window seal - costs and prices

When replacing window seals, it is not only the actual costs that are interesting for many users, but also the question of which material they should use for the new window seals. Here we show you how much it costs to replace the window seals with the various materials.

Material and contact pressure

Depending on the size of the gap between the window and the frame that is to be closed with the new seal, a different profile and possibly a different material is suitable. You should orientate yourself on the material you have used so far.

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  • rubber
  • silicone
  • PVC
  • Thermoplastic elastomer TPE
  • Elastic polymer

If a seal with a multiple profile was previously installed, you should at least use this again. Otherwise the contact pressure of the window sash may not be sufficient and the new seal will wobble around in the air without having any effect.

The price is determined by the running meter

Offers that offer a thermoplastic elastomer for around one euro per running meter should be treated with caution. Today, most professionals consider silicone gaskets to be the best gaskets available. However, good seals can then cost around five euros per running meter.

Wooden windows and seals

Certain seals, especially those made of PVC, are very difficult to paint over. If wooden windows have to be repainted, the paint simply runs off this material. With silicone, you should also look for a paintable material if you have wooden windows.

Standard for the seals

What you can find in hardware stores today are often seals made of TPE or an elastic polymer. Both are not ideal in terms of quality. Although they are considered standard, they really shouldn't cost more than one euro per meter. Basically, the hardware stores, probably also because of the price pressure, lag behind the actual standards, which should be made of silicone.

Tips & Tricks If you only need very narrow, fine seals in your windows, then it would be better to use silicone to draw fine strips into the frame yourself. With a cartridge gun and the silicone cartridge, you can get many meters of this seal for less than ten euros.